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tear stains

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I have a white persian and wanted to know what was the best thing to use for tear stains. I have used baby wipes which didn't really work and also the feline eye wipes which help but not completely. Any suggestions?
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Quite a few breeders use boric acid. I never recomend doing this, I dont feel as if its a good enough reason to use something like that so close to the eyes. The sell a product called Crystal Eyes at most pet stores that you can try.
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This is an article submitted by a breeder of white persians. Other great tips also available on this site.
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Jedi is my first cat but I had a Cocker Spaniel for years. He was a buff color and had tear stain problems from time to time. I bought him from a breeder and she recommended putting a few drops of white vinegar in his drinking water on a daily basis. She indicated that the vinegar would keep the tears from staining his coat. She also said that wiping the area with a clean cloth that was dipped in white vinegar and wrung our completely would remove any stains that did occur.

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Here is a merchant who offers you some help with this.

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