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Please help! What is my kitten sick with

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I just recently got a new kitten and she is just about 7 weeks of age right now. Shes been with us for a week and when we got her she was perfectly fine eccept she sneezed alot. We didnt really look much past this. I do have three other healthy cats living wiht us. Its been exactly a week since we got her and last night she was laying down on the couch and a white musuc came out of her rear and it didnt seem like she could control it or had any idea of it happening. We cleaned it up and then just about 20 minutes later I checked to see if anythign was still happening and it was happening again. This time i cleaned it up very well and wiped her wiht a warm paper towel and she has been fine and hadnt done it since. This morning I woke up and apparently she had thrown up twice and had pooped on the floor. It was a normal poop but usually she goes in the little box. Can someone tell me if she is okay or whats going on. The throwup was clear btw. Ive been reading about what the problem is but i cnat find anything with these exact symptoms. ANy help is appreiciated.
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OMG please take her to the vet! This sounds like it can be serious. Keep her isolated from the other cats since it may be contagious, and take her into the vets. Good luck with her, i'll be sending good vibes your way
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Ill make sure to do so. Do yo uhave any clue what it may be though? She is acting perfectly fine. SHe still is very play ful and runs around. She hasnt thrown up or had any mucus leaks since this morning when she threw up. She just rested for a little while and now she is runnning around like normal. I was hopeing that it was just a little cold but i guess I have to see.

thank you for the quick reply!
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I have no clue what it could be. Ceci is my first cat so I know zero on cats. I know dogs can get kennel cough, which is like a human cold, and they can get parvo which is deadly if left untreated. But I really dont know if cats can get this
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Thanks for the Parvo information... im gonna look into that because i just did a quick search and it seems like the s ymtoms in dogs are similar to what shes getting and it is possible in cats. Thank you so much for the help!
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Please, please call your vet. This needs to be investigated immediately.

Please let us know how your baby makes out. She is very young yet and needs all the help she can get.
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thanks for the support... were gonna go to the vet becuase there is one right down the street.. i read all about the parvo virus and we are going to get her to the vet and get her tested.. Alot of what i read said that hte cat would be in an obvious depression and she is perfectly fine moodwise so im hoping its just a minor problem that can be fixed with vaccines. We jsut got her so we need to get vaccines anwyay so this shoudl be a one trip thing hopefully! Ill let you all know how it goes. thanks again
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