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Constipation, possible impacted bowel, questions...

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Hi, I'm writing on the part of my mother in law, who has three kitties who are all very sweet. The problem is with her youngest, a four-year old female who looks a lot like a russian blue.

The cat's name (translated from danish) is Hooligan (honestly, it's a much sweeter name in the original language), and a week ago signs of constipation started showing. She became lethargic and left spots of blood on the sheets in the morning - so my hubby and I paid the cost to get the cat to the vet this past monday. Mom-in-law unfortunately does not have pet insurance, and so we are footing the bills.

After being taken to the vet hospital and kept overnight, the x-rays showed that Hooligan (*giggle at the name*) has a blocked colon, and they started her on intravenous fluids and paraffin oil (to help lubricate the colon), as well as a laxative made out of barley malt.

Mom-in-law became worried when the vets called the second morning to say the cat would not eat or pee in the hospital, so she had the cat returned home, and for the past week (it is now saturday) she has been feeding the cat the oil, cat malt and water, but there have been no bowel movements (that makes it three days of treatment). Hooligan loves the cat laxative and has no problems drinking water from a pipette, but she is completely out of energy, and does not feel like sniffing at or licking food. She lies quite still on the couch or wherever she is laid, and complains if she becomes uncomfortable. Her fur is unkempt because she feels so awful, and if she is to eat or drink nything, we pretty much have t put it in her mouth ourselves.

Since it's saturday right now, the vet's is closed, and we're waiting for monday to roll around again.

The bleeding stopped entirely after Hooligan was taken to the vet's, and she has urinated a little, but from what I have been able to read online , she has an impacted bowel.

Has anyone else experienced something similar with their cats? Did the opils/laxatives help loosen and remove the impaction? How long did it take?

Replies very much appreciated!
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I'm sorry to say that she needs to go back to the vets. If you want to, perhaps you can try some strained baby meat, beef is good, and mix it with water to make a slurry, siphon it up a syringe and see if you can get her to lick a little at a time, jus to keep her strength up. You con't want to try to give her a large amount if she has an impacted bowel. I am surprised that the vet didn't suggest surgery.

Let us know how she makes out, please, but she needs to go back to the vet.
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Will do. Personlly I think bringing the cat home was a bad idea too - but then again, s'not my cat. My apartment doesn't allow us pets, but hubby and I are hoping to move!

Wish us luck footing the vet bill!
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Ah.. I am sorry to bring news like this, but my hubby just spoke with his mom, and they are going to have to euthanize Bølle (Hooligan). The vet is very concerned about the fact that she does not walk or even meow - it is a sign that she is very blocked, and that there is a possibility that her colon is way too damadged.

Tommorrow we are going to help carry her down to the vet's so that her suffering is alleviated. If we had the thousand-odd dollars it takes to put the cat in surgery, but hubby and I have already used half that on her bills so far on a credit card, and don't dare more.

To any cat owners out there - please, don't delay a moment in getting your pet health care insurance, even if it costs a hundred dollars a year. It can save their lives.

Thank you for your care and concerns, and if as a reader you believe in God, please pray for my mom (she is family, even if it isn't via genes) to comfort her through this. She lost her husband recently, and so you understand the need for prayer.
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I'm very sorry to hear about Bolle.Your mother-in-law will be in my thoughts. How sad to lose such a young cat following another tragic loss.
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Yes - we're - not happy about it either. She (was) a sweet cat and full of personality.
I got a chance to speak with one of my family on the other side of the ocean - she surmised that Bølle is lethargic because some of the bacteria in her gut got into her bloodstream. She's fighting a heavy infection, so.. it was a lot worse that we knew.

That is a part of this life, for now anyways - goodbye is never pleasant. Thank god for the chance to have loving pets though.
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