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Follow-up to My Newbie Post...

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I still consider myself new here, especially since I don't yet own a cat (or am owned by one). For now, it's just me, my hubby and our two birds.

I would love to hear some of the funniest, craziest, most outlandish things you've ever experienced as a result of living with cats. I'd like to get an idea of what I might be in for, even though I hear that Ragdolls are supposed to be more laid-back than most other cats. Ehhh....we'll see about that...

Take care,

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Jenk - this will make a great thread and I am going to put it in the lounge where everyone will see it!
As for funny stories.............where do I begin?
All kitties are so entertaining and wonderful creatures. Everyday, mine continue to amaze me. The way that Ripley will help me dress by HANGING onto the bottom of everything I put on - or the way that Baby mothers everyone - even the dog! The way that Lumpy RUNS to claim the couch as hers, so that noone else will get there and then just to watch Goldie scamper to the toy basket and take out HER clown! There are so many more stories - but I will let others in on this one for now!
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Socks is a pretty silly kitty. She has this favorite song, you may or may not know it, it's called "MMMBop" and it's by a band called Hanson. She seems to have this preference for this song...she'll roll around on the floor and such. She doesn't do it as much as she used to, but it's still quite funny. I don't know why it's this song, or if it's just a coincidence. (And only with the "Middle of Nowhere" version...not the other versions or remixes! I suppose it must be the beat, or maybe "MMMBop" means something in some bizarre cat language. )
She beats up our dog, which is about 10 times as big as her, and despite her front declawing (I didn't know. ) She could still beat him in a fight.
She'll hold conversations when she's angry.
She'll only sleep downstairs on one of the bar stools if it's covered with my old worn down fuzzy poncho. If the poncho gets knocked off her chair, she'll come upstairs and voice her disatisfaction.
She has a stuffed toy Minnie Mouse that she carries around, and cries to it as if it's her kitten.
I think that's about it... not really funny, just more "characteristic" I suppose...
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My hubby accidentally locked Merlin between the screen door and wooden door. Hubby went to basement and I came home from work about 15 mintues latter - Merlin wasn't a happy camper. Another time Merlin go stuck in the couch when we tipped it on it's side to rescue his toys. He crawled betwwen a gap in the netting underneath the couch. The couch got turned over with him in it and about 5 minutes latter I heard meowing and for a while I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Boy when we found him, he was disgruntled. Gee most of my stories are about Merlin. That is because he is the one who always gets in trouble.
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Boo loves to sleep on the kitchen chairs, don't know why...but 9 times out of 10 thats where she'll be. And Socks will only sleep on top of the cat tree. Boo loves cat treats and as soon as she hears me opening the drawer, she comes storming out into the room from wherever she is b/c she know whats coming next!

We took them outside the other day with their harnesses on and it was SO funny! They didn't know what to do with being outside b/c they have never been out there. Boo kept trying to climb under a bush and hide. Socks kind of liked it and he kept sneaking around and was exploring. The funny thing was that there were some geese only a few feet away and some doves, but they acted like they didn't even notice them. I was confused b/c the absolutely go NUTS when they see one by the window.
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We have to have a night-light for Ophelia. She's scared of the dark. No, really. She will growl at Trent (the other cat who she has known since kittenhood) as if he is some monster, she will growl at nothing. As long as we leave a light on, she is fine.

Trent is just a silly kitty all around. He decides when we need to get up in the morning. They free-feed, so it isn't a matter of food. He just doesn't like it when we sleep in too late. He'll come up on the bed and meow his little head off until at least one of us gets up. He will lay down in front of the door if he doesn't want us to leave. He is very possessive of me, especially.
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Tum stories:

1) if you have insoles in your shoes, we need to put the shoes in a place where Tum can't get at them because he loves to carry the insoles off and shred them; 2) we have a plague of grasshoppers right now, and if we take Tum out on his harness and he steps on one, he jumps six feet straight up in the air... last night he "hopped" across the yard instead of walked; 3) he sleeps on top of the fridge and if anyone dares put anything up there he will push it off... ditto for the top shelf on the bookcase in our office; 4) he sleeps on his back with his head hanging off the cat condo.. when he snores, he wakes up in a panic, thinking he's being attacked.

Bugs stories:

1) the only store-bought toy Tum will play with is a very soft pom pom. He hunched over it in a weird way and yowls... which we presume is some sort of weird killing ritual performed by Aby cats; 2) he loves to strop his paws on windows, especially if they have consensation on them... we assume that it's the squeaking noise his paws make that he likes so much... 3) he has to take his food out of his food dish one kibble at a time and drop it on the floor to eat it; 4) he has an ongoing grudge against our James Haddon cat figures... he seems to forget that they aren't real and will suddenly growl, hiss and fuzz at them if he notices them on the shelf.
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Sheldon loves boxes and bags of all kinds. Coming in with lots of grocery bags, we usually have to unpack Sheldon several times.

For several weeks I thought Lazlo was leaning forward to kiss me back when I leaned down to kiss him. It was so sweet until I realized he was fascinated with my necklace swinging - he finally "went for it" and I had a cat pendant for a minute as I stood up.

We can't put anything on the floor now unless we want it to be a cat toy. They sleep in our shoes, shred our kleenex and apparently think magazines are the most comfortable thing in the world.

Their favorite playtime is now 3:00a.m.

There is a kitty-paw sized gap between our bathroom door and the floor. Apparently it is the most fascinating thing in the universe (especially if someone is in the bathroom). Just opening the door and letting them play on either side of it, swiping at each others' feet can keep them occupied for half an hour or more!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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..and you really ought to read Hissy's "The MacBathie Virus" post. I'd post a link to it, but I don't know how! Fortunately, it isn't because of a virus (LOL!)
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Here's the link to the McBethie Virus thread. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=10581

How to post links to threads at TCS:
1. Open the desired thread.
2. Click on the URL to highlight it.
3. Then right click on the URL, when a pop up box appears, select copy.
4. Go to where you post replys and place the cursor where you want the link to be.
5. Click the mouse button on the right and select paste from the pop up box. The link will appear.
6. The same steps are followed when you are linking to information outside of TCS.
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Thanks for the instructions! Wish I wanted to link to another thread already.

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Whiskers enjoys bringing me gifts non stop. When we first bought this house, we had decided to fill the basement with wood because we were installing a woodstove. With the wood came some new friends for Whiskers to 'play with' When she was done, she gleefully dropped her little mouse friend where we could see it. The last mouse we saw was about 2 months ago. Have no idea how it made it in the house but she cornered it, growled a little and let it get away. It took 2 days before we found the little rascal and sent it outdoors. Oh yeah....she's the best fly and moth eater in the world. I don't know what her fascination is with that but, I'm not complaining.

I can think of one story: Whiskers loves throwing herself at your feet while you are walking and tries to knock you down. It's her way of getting attention. She has nearly knocked me off me feet, I don't know how many times!
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