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Belinda Emmett dies at 32

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There are many Australian members on this site, and I'm sure those of you in the UK and some in the US will know who Belinda Emmett is.

She was an actress on Home and Away (Australian soap) and this is where she first found her fame. She was diagnosed at the age of 24 with breast cancer, went into remission, and after a few years was diagnosed with secondary bone cancer.

Last year she married one of our most popular comedians and television celebrities, Rove McManus. Theirs was a beautiful love story. I am terribly sad for him, he adored her.

Over the past years Belinda has become increasingly thin, frail and fragile. The media, for a wonder, left them and their relationship alone, out of respect for their love and their personal battle. I was shocked to hear that she died this morning - clearly she had been dying for a long time, but I didn't realise it would be this close.

I would like to ask everyone to say a prayer for Rove and her family, and for Belinda herself, who was too young to die, at 32.

Rest In Peace, beautiful Belinda Emmett (1974 - 2006)

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How very sad. Rest in Peace Ms. Emmett.
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That is so very sad. May she Rest in Peace
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We discovered this last night and were so sad. They were obviously so in love and I guess they knew for a while she was going downhill. You could tell from the wedding photos that were published that she looked incredibly frail, and it broke my heart then.

I always thought she was so sweet, and Rove seems like such a nice guy, he doesn't have the arrogance of a lot of the other tv celebrities.

RIP Belinda, and best wishes to Rove and Belinda's family at this tough time.
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I didn't know her through her fame, but her story here just really touched me. She was 2 years younger than me, and I simply cannot imagine having to face cancer (my mother passed from breast cancer in 2000) at my age and younger. Rove's love for her must have been amazing, because I know how difficult it was on my father to see the first love of his life having to face such a tough battle.

My heart is with Rove and Belinda's family in their time of grief. I hope that they know that a life touched by love, who touches others with love, is never wasted.
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Bless her soul .... Many prayers for her husband and her family...
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Such a sad story...may she RIP and many prayers to her loved ones.
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How sad. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
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How very sad. My heart goes out to her family! So tragic to die so young.
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How awful. My prayers are with her family.
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