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My Baby Gets Neutered Tomorrow!

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I am taking my 5 month old kitten, Jedi to the vet tomorrow morning to get neutered. I know that I am doing the right thing but I feel bad because I know that he will be in some pain when he gets home. What type of behavior can I expect in the first couple of days?

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Both of my males took the neutering well. They slept more than usual the first couple of days, until the anesthetic wore off completely. Then, they were pretty much back to their usual antics. It was so long ago, I can't remember if the vet suggested shredding newspaper to replace their littler for the first few days. My sister had to do that when she spayed her female. Maybe they don't recommend that anymore. I'm sure your baby will be just fine. Best wishes to you both!
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Jedi should be fine. The incision that they do is so tiny, he probably won't even need stitches. He may be a bit sluggish while the anethetic wears off, but he should be back to his normal little self in no time. Keep us updated...and we would love to see updated pics of the little rascal. The first one you posted was so adorable...I need a cute black-and-white-kitten fix!
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Well, Jedi is home now...and he is pissed! He is walking skulking around hissing and growling and just basically mad as hell! I tried talking to him in a soothing voice but all he does is lurk around me hissing. He is still under the effects of the anesthesia (I can tell by his eyes and the way he is walking, very shaky) but I have never seen him like this. Not even close. I am hoping that he will find a spot to lay down and get some sleep, and that when he wakes up, maybe the anesthesia will have worn off some and he may be in a better mood. I am sure he is in pain and I feel bad about that, but I know that eventually he will be back to his old, spunky, playful self. I will post new pics soon...thanks to all!
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Well Jedi is MUCH better today. WE had a heck of a time with him last night. He was acting soooo strangely. He would wobble around, hiss, growl and whine. Then every minute or so, he would grab at his face with both paws, like he was trying to pull something out of his mouth. He did this so often and was pawing at himself so hard, he rubbed his face raw! He acted like he was gaggin and we tried to look into his mouth and down his throat, but in the mood he was in, we didn't have much luck seeing anything. He did this for a couple of hours, and I called the veterinary emergency line here in DE and explained to them what he was doing. She said he could have throat irritation from the tracheal tube that had been in his throat during the surgery. They suggested that I keep close watch on him and to bring him in if he didn't stop or could not sleep. After a couple of hours of this behavior, I think he finally wore himself out and went to sleep. He slept off and on through the night...and seemed to be a little better each time he awoke. This morning he was much better. No more hissing or growling and his eyes are back to normal. He ate a little this morning and is back to his tricks of climbing into the sink when the water is running to get a cool, fresh drinkie! He is walking more normally, somewhat playful and very loving and snuggley. His demeanor today is a 100% turn around from last night. I don't know if this was a completely normal reaction to what he experienced or totally odd...but in either case....MY BABY IS BACK!!! I can't explain how I felt last night. I was even wondering if maybe they ad given him too much anesthesia and that he had suffered brain damage. He acted like he had mental problems! But all is well today and I am hopeful that as the next few days go by, he will completely back to normal. Nibbling at my fingers and all!!!
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Glad to hear your baby Jedi is back to usual
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