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We're having a tough time integrating a new cat in our home

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A while back we started noticing a stray around our place. We figured eventually she'd go back to her owner, but that never happened. We started feeding her, and since it's started getting cold, we brought her in, got her checked out by the vets and whatnot. At first it seemed the three cats here would get along fine. Now the two are completely terrorising our new cat, Luna. They get her pinned under the bed and wont let her out, and if she manages to sneak and say go into the basement, they stay at the top of the stairs and keep her pinned down there. Not only that, one of our cats, Phoebe, likes to sit on my girlfriend's lap while we watch tv before bedtime. Problem is, Luna likes to do the same thing. It's gotten to the point where we have to keep them separated. This has been going on for about 3 weeks now. My question is, how long should we make an effort to give them a chance to get along together? We've gotten attached to the new cat, but the logistics of feeding separately, multiple litter boxes, giving them the attention they need, is just getting wearisome. It would be so much easier if we could just take care of them as a unit. Again, how long should we try to make this work before we give up and find Luna a new home? Thanks!
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Have you tried giving Luna 'private' time, where the other two cats are behind doors for a while (hour++) or so, and letting her have the run of the main part of the house (and Phoebe's lap), to build her confidence that the space is hers too? And allowing the others back in later so they can see that she belongs too?
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That's a good idea we hadn't thought of. We lock her in the bedroom, and lock the other cats outside, your suggestion that we do the opposite, to give her time to explore around our place, is something we'll try. Thanks!
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You might also try a Comfort Zone with Feliway diffuser (or 2 ) in your house. I have a feeling that the 2 resident cats are just defending their territory and need to work it out, but you can never tell. Also, if they become aggressive, you can always put a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy in the water bowls to help them calm down some.

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I'm dealing with a similar issue, only that it is my residence cat who feels as if she lost all her territory in the house. I have them separated from time to time, and give extra special attention to the kitty I already had. She is also the only one who gets to sleep on the bed at night right now, while the other kitty goes to her room.
I think it is especially important that your 2 "older" cats know that they haven't lost their place. A new cat is still an intruder for them, and I wouldn't let them hang out together unsupervised. Eventually they will probably work out their order. I used to have two cats that I got together as kittens, but the boy-cat would still be mean to the girl-cat sometimes, and chase her away from her favorite places. He was clearly the dominant one, and I tried to respect that.
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I am having major problems with my resident cat. I brought in a stray 3 weeks ago, had him neutered, vaccinated, etc. I have 2 resident cats - Monty is the trouble maker...I have the newbie behind closed doors right now...still every night Monty digs and claws at the door howling. I put a latch chain on the door with 2" chain leeway, well he smelled the new cat and went clawing and biting at the carpet and it was rather scary as he came up with a mouthful of carpet and a wild look in his eyes! I think he wants to kill this cat who is a docile little guy scared silly. My other cat Zena sometimes stays in the room with the newbie and sleeps there, they mainly ignore each other in peace. Monty on the other hand is a hellraiser. I don't know what to do anymore!! Should I call the vet and give Monty some valium.?..I'm ready to pop some myself!
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