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I need help!!

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Please keep your fingers crossed so that my Chahi returns home.
She is an outside cat. She has been missing for 3 days. I just hope that she isn't harmed. I miss her!
thank you.
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New here and a lost kitty

Im so sorry ...........Fingers crossed Chachi comes home. Above is thread for you to read through with some useful information on finding a lost cat. Please keep us posted. I will say a prayer for Chachi.
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Have you posted big flyers all over, and alerted the local shelters?
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Come home headbuts and get back quick licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Sending vibes Chahi returns safe and sound.

Perhaps when she comes home you could consider keeping her indoors so this doesn't happen again.
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I went to check my local shelter and she is not there. I have new neighbors, an elderly couple, and I hope that they have her with them. I need to ask them.
Thanks for your good vibes!
I still need them.
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More vibes coming .....
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I hope that everything works out good for you...I had that happen once my one male cat willie went missing and we werent giving up we hung flyers up and searched the neighborhood a few times a day and well he came home 3 months later he ended up three towns or whatver you wanna call it over which is kind of far for a cat. Some people found him and took him to the vet and they found the microchip, and like before he went missing and after he returned he doesnt go really anywhere he stays on his hill lol
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I'm glad that your kitty returned.
I went out and posted flyers today. Hopefully that will help!
This is my Chachi.

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