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Stumpy and her feather duster

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She LOVES the feather duster. We keep it in the downstairs guest toilet which we don't often use, but is also where we keep the cleaning products. So we go in there to get the laundry detergent, and often leave the door open while she explores in there.

So anyway, if she sees the feather duster, she jumps onto the sink, grabs it and runs off with this massive feather duster between her legs - which is quite a tough feat given that it's longer than she is.

We're just doing the washing and I realised the feather duster isn't on the sink where it normally lives. After a quick search of the toilet, it's definitely not in there.

So after turning the house upside down, I eventually discovered it under one of the dining room chairs (which now has chair covers on it).

Silly puss
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They do love the feather dusters. Lucy will run off with it any chance she gets.

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This morning when I was getting the kids dressed for school, 3 of the babies had our feather duster. Attacking it like crazy! It was so funny because little Daisy walkled right up to ger brothers, bopped them in heads and walked away with it! You go girl!
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Too cute!
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Ohh Stumpy you silly girl!!!! When Soph was little we used to think she was the feather duster!!!

Great picture Jana!!!!
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My niece's cat did a 6 foot high jump to get my sister's feather duster from the top of the hutch. Sis had to get a new feather duster, of course.
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