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Please Help!!!

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My kid's cat is sick. About an hour ago, when I was coming down our stairs their was a HUGE pile of cat through up. It was brown and was heaped in a big pile. I cleaned it up and when I went in the other room there was 2 more areas of throw up but these were clear pools. When I found the cat he throwing clear liquid up again. He is walking very slowly and his stomach is heaving. When I looked in his eyes, his pupils were huge and his eyes look glassy. He keeps throwing up the clear liquid stuff and he just doesn't look right. Is there any ideas of what could be wrond? Is he just sick or should I be concerned. We live in a small town and there is no Vet clinic open at this time of night. Any suggestions would help greatly! Thanks!!
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My cat is at the vet over night at this very moment... and he was throwing up clear liquid, because there wasn't anything else in his tummy since he wouldn't eat or drink.

The advice I got last night from the ER vet was that if he was (although far more lethargic than usual) still able to move around and not immobilized, that the vet visit could wait until morning provided I watch closely for any new symptoms. But you must take this cat to a vet, even if you can only find a weekend ER vet open tomorrow morning.
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Please take him to the vet as soon as possible. We can be here for you in terms of emotional support, but we cannot make a diagnosis over the internet - we are cat lovers, not vets.

Is there anything poisonous he may have eaten - plants or cleaning fluids?

I think you should be concerned, those symptoms do not sound good. I am sorry that I cannot tell you what is wrong, but please try to get him to the vet as soon as possible tomorrow.
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I found a number for a vet clinic in your area, maybe they have an answering service for emergencies and could give you some advice:

Lamoni Veterinary Clinic
724 East Main Street, Lamoni, IA 50140
(641) 784-6431

Good luck, I hope you can get your cat seen soon! And I hope he feels better!
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Thanks very much for the advice and support. I ended up calling the local vet at home. He said to bring him in to the office in the morning. He said if Ruffie (our cat) is throwing up then it could be a good sign. (If he got into something poison) I made a comfy bed for him in the bathroom and put his water bowl in there until morning. I will check on him a couple of times during the night. I will let you guys know what I find out. Thanks again!!!
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Let us know how the vet visit goes...sometimes it can be dangerous if they get dehydrated..

Good luck
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