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Thursday DT

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Hi guys!

Didn't see a DT yet, so I am starting one.

I am sooooooo excited right now. I'm even typing faster!:laughing:
In less than one hour, I am being picked up at home, by a Limo!!! One of my good friends, who I only see once every six months or so (since we both have children) called last night and asked me if I was interested in going out for supper for another one of our friend's b-day. It has been months since I've gone out with them so that in itself is going to be great (I fear a hang-over may be in the works). But to be picked up at home in a limo will be really cool. Guess when you don't get out often, things like this tend to over-excite you.

Anyways, hope you all have a great end of day.

Talk to you tomorrow!!!!!

P.S. Steven seems much better today
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Anybody who isn't excited by the prospect of a ride in a limo is jaded! Boy, are we lazy, or what? We need a few more entries in the Alphabet game--I think we were all mixed up about whether the books had to be children's books or any books, so we used a combination. We have to get over this Spring Sickness, because fall is on its way!

I gave my collie a bath today. He was just starting to shed; I don't understand that! We've had the hottest summer in years. Anyway, being house bound, I couldn't get him to the groomer. I'm so glad he listens well, because I had to take him out on the porch. He was so good. He just stood still and dripped! Now he'll be cooler, and I feel as if I've accomplished something. Of course, the rest of his fur will now shed and cover my family room where he spends the nights!
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I've been fairly busy at work this week. I've mostly been making sure I am working on something productive because my supervisor has a bug up her rear end about me this week. I had to make a couple of calls to get things set up at the new apartment, and she felt like I was "spending all day on the phone." I mean literally a couple phone calls for personal business. Even when I was on those calls, I still answered our phones. I missed all of one phone call. Sometimes I think that she isn't happy unless the person up here is incompetent so she can take out her frustration on this position. That's been true until I came along, so now she makes a point to let me know any little thing that isn't perfect or up to her standards (which change as they go, btw - a never winning battle). And when she has a "valid" complaint against something I am doing, boy does she let me know.

I have been really tired all week. Getting used to sleeping in the new place, staying up too late trying to get stuff unpacked, and waking up every time the kitties make a noise has really taken its toll. The good news is, though, that the cats are adjusting well to the new place. Ophelia still hides more than normal, but she has stopped growling at Trent and will come out when we are home. She has even started sleeping on me again. I may have to find another place for one of the litter boxes, though. They aren't using the one in the closet very much, at least not compared with the other one. It's in the walk-in closet off our bedroom, and I'm thinking there is too much traffic there. Although, the litter boxes used to be in our main bathroom, so there was plenty of traffic there and they used those fine. It's tough trying to figure out what those little furballs are thinking.

Gosh, I'm really rambling, aren't I?!?

Ghys have tons of fun at dinner tonight. I've never ridden in a limo before, so I can imagine how excited you must be.

Jeanie, I have to say that one thing I don't miss about having dogs - wet dog smell! :laughing2
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SSDD - work and home. We're having takeout, tonight so, I don't have to cook again. I've been home for dinner, every night this week. That's the best thing, so far.
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I did absolutely nothing today Well, unless you count going to the staffing agency & picking up a timecard to fill out, going to PetsMart & getting lunch doing something! :LOL:

When we got married in Vegas @ the NYNY Hotel/Casino, part of the package deal was a ride in a limo. It was supposed to be a few hours after our wedding. Well, we were probably 10 minutes late, and they left So, we lost out on our chance. The only reason we were late was because my parents decided to have our reception (stupid buffet ) at the Excalubur, and we didnt know it was time to go til we looked at the time.:tounge2:
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I've had a pretty good day. We went to help my moms father in law to pack up things to move to Texas today and in return he gave us an exercise bike, a rowing machine and a lawn mover for $25.00. We are going back there tomorrow and might be getting a freezer, and anything else we want to take. We are the only ones to help him move. he has 3 daughters that live in the area but none of them showed up to help. Pretty sad huh? My step dad is coming out next weekend to pack the stuff he wants to take in a uhaul and drive it and him back to Texas. I feel bad noone else helped him and I am very glad we took the time to help. We are recruited the whole week until next Wed. the exercise alone is worth every sweat filled momnet of packing and moving things around his house.
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