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Georgy, if you visit again... your instincts are right, and I hope you will never let anything change your goodheartedness. We can't know what makes your father think the way he does. And I won't condemn him, because he's your dad and you love him, and that's how it should be.

But even people we love do the wrong thing sometimes. That's a hard lesson, and you're having to learn it awfully early in life. You can handle it, though... you were so strong for your kitty, I think you can handle anything.

I hope you'll tell us what's happening now... even if it's bad news. All these people truly care about your kitty, and about you.
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That is a wonderful message you wrote -- you said it better than I could have -- and I sure hope he visits and sees it and the other caring messages, too. AND I HOPE HIS CAT IS ALL RIGHT!!!
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I just read this thread from start to finish.

What a touching story.

I do hope that he or she comes back and lets us know how the cat is.
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I have an idea - Go to one of your dearest friend give her/him the money and have them DO IT FOR YOU!!! You can get the animal back and then tell your dad you spent the money on 'personal things', It would being telling a lie but a lie isnt really a lie in my opinion if yoiur saving an innosent life.

People in this society are often trained and desensatized about the value of of life whern it comes to animals, I know I have been. I think its partly because we live such controlled lives that we forget that it wasnt always like this and so take out our feelings on something that cannot protest against us for the state of our own ego- power. Your dad sounds like a very bad case of it.
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OMG I hope this cat is ok
post #96 of 101, too, Jessy. Me too!
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Originally Posted by sandgoddess View Post
I think I don't care much for your dad...sorry.

this was just a horrible thing to say.

i really hope the kitty is okay.
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I'm really sorry for what you've been through with your cat. I know that she will be healthy now though, i know she iwll be. I was in a similar situation, but unfortuneatly i didn't know about this site then.

I had my cat for a year and a half, she was a stray and a beautiful black cat. I had just brought her to my apartment and it had been 3 whole days. We were having a blast. My partner called me while i was at work one day and told me the cat had a kitten and the kitten was dead. She couldn't touch the kitten or cat, because she was sick and when she called the vet they told her i had to come home to take care of the cat. They said that she would have the rest of the kittens relatively soon. Like your dad, my parents wouldn't take her to the vet when we got her and hadn't to the day i got her. My cat was really sick.. she was throwing up everywhere..and she was just getting worse. I missed work and class for an entire week to take care of her.. Then one night my partner told me that she had to stay in the bathroom, because she didn't want her to throw up on the bed again. I couldn't bear it because i knew my baby was in the bathroom sad and lonely. So i let her out and she slept next to me all night..which was rare. The night before my partner and i decided that we were giong to call animal control in the morning.. so they could take her..but after this night i didnt want to anymore. I was convinced that she was better.. My cat walked past me..and threw up right beside me. I knew that she had to go now.. and she did ... and i miss her so much... she was my life. I hope you don't have to go through the pain i dealt with.. because i am still getting over it and this happened about 2 months ago.

Good luck Georgyboy.. i know your cat will be ok. I have a calico now too.. she's a little fighter... and i know your baby is too.

Take care
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I think I disagree with you Jaycee, Sandgoddess said the truth plan and simple, the girl's dad is oviously being a very shallow/stupid person, to not see that a family pet from his own daughter is suffering and to veiw money over it and his daughters moral feelings, shes being a real adult in my eyes because shes trying everything to help her beloved pet and at the same time to respect her fathers strange opinions.

Georgyboy where are you, your not posting anymore?
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wow, i agree that the cat needs to see the vet but lets not badmouth the poor kids dad on top of everything else he/she is going through. this is supposed to be a friendly forum where people can get advice about their pets, not insults about their family members. jeez.

the main reason i and many others come to this forum is because people are nice and respectful to each other and we need to continue to be that way whether we agree with how the kids father is handling this situation or not.
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I agree with you about being nice and kind on forums, but there are times when things get heated , sorry maybe I went too far. People who love animals find it very difficult when things like this happen. I'm a nice guy and I understand about compassion,respect. I just hope Geogydute isn't frightened off by all our advice and her venting of her raw feelings over her pets condiction sadly I think that's what happened.
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