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It's Been A Hard Month

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I was on here over a month ago nearly evryday and then my fiance decided that dumping me and basically putting me and our kids (our 5 cats) through a "divorce" to go be with my now xbestfriend was a great idea. The relationship was horrible anyway and the kiddos and I seemed to be coping well...

Then Cobee started acting out (he's my big boy, a year and a half old and well over 16 lbs last we checked...all muscle, hes also the guard dog lol) I couldnt figure it out he was being pissy with hsi "babies" (our adopted kittens that he has so lovingly become the mother too lol)

The other 2 seemed fine Brain and Goffer but Billy seemed to have lost his appetite.

I took him to the vet explained the stress that had been going on in the apartment/family lately (cops every other night, her trying to break in, me being a wreck and so depressed I had to force myself out of bed to give them water and food...) the vet wrote it off as stress related and we went home.

A week later I came home and he was under the dresser screaming in agony. I freaked out. I have never experienced this before... he was stiff, breaths were raspy, fluidly and pretty shallow. He was having seizures and had lost all control of bladder and bowel functions. I was horrified - it was midnight, I have no car, no way to get anywhere.... so I called my mom, sobbing (Billy was my little boy, he's the only kiddo I was "allowed" to pick out and I fell inlove with him automatically - we had his littermate "lilly" too but she died fairly early on from Feline Lukemia)

Anyway she left work and came to my place and we went to an emergency vet. I spent 2 hours and all they could tell me was to come back in the morning, and gave me an outrageous bill and some pain killers for him. So I went home with him and stayed awake all night with him asleep or crying on my chest. The next morning we went to the vet (my vet) and I broke, we learned he had Feline Lukemia as well.

We put him down that day, and I held him until he went.
I dont think Ive ever been this attached to a pet or thought of an animal as my child before.

Ive cleaned the whole apartment with this soap they use at the hosptial that kills the HIV Virus. Ive washed everything 4 and 5 times taken the other 4 to the vet and everyone is seeming ok - I have a list of symptoms and at every cough Im like in there faces... Im sure theyre like "Dad, stop it!" lol. I just care.

My x is taking her kitty, Crack Cat, named accordingly to her previous home. And then I will have Brain, Goffer, and Cobee... Cobee is getting upset, all his babies are disappearing.

RIP Billy.
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Sorry you confused me.....AGAIN!!! Myles ???????????????????????

FeLV is NOT the same as FIV ......... Where did you get your information???????


R.I.P sweet baby Play happilly over the bridge with carers who really care for you
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Ugh sorry, Ive been getting everything mixed up lately... I apologize. My fault.

Like I said its been a hard month... Feline Lukemia is what Lilly had and Billy had FIV... I appologize for the confusion again... I seemt o be good at confusing ppl
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So sorry for your loss
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Awww I am so sorry for your loss. I went through a an awful time 5 years ago when my husband of 8 years decided to have an affair with a married women. To make a long story short he became violent with me, and I left my home with my 6 cats and a few clothes. He moved his girlfriend in my home the next day, they eventually got married.... My cats and I had to stay in bedroom at a friends house for 8 months while I got my life together. This put a horrible stress on my babies.... We made it through the ordeal, but I often wonder if the stress of what that man did brought on my Bubbas cancer. Bubba died 18months after we moved from there into a nice house in Nebraska.

I can relate to what you are going through, again I am so sorry for your losses. Your precious babies are always with you in spirit. The love never dies.

Stay focused and think positive thoughts.
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Boy, doesn't it hurt when we lose our babies. We feel so helpless. I can understand why you might feel depressed.

Loving headbuts and please take heart licks from KittenKiya's Clan to you.

Billy, you go look up DiddoKahli, Lola, Princess Alexis, Sebastian and all the TCS will they show you a good time.

Sad, sad headbuts and tearful, sorry licks from KittenKiya's Clan for Billy. Now go chase those butterflies with the rest of the pack.
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I'm so sorry for your losses.

Rest in peace and play, Billy and Lilly.
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I am so sorry for your loss! Poor little kitty. He is at peace now, over the bridge!
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I am so very sorry for your loss. FIV is hard to transmit and normally only through things like deep bites, so your others prob aren't at that much risk. RIP little one.
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I am so sorry for your loss
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Billy.

I know that it's difficult but you did the right by easing his suffering and in the end he was allowed to keep his dignity. I too held my Midnight when she put to sleep this past June. As hard as it was to do I felt that I at least owed that to her for all of love and companionship that she had shown me over the years. In the end you gave Billy the last greatest act of love that you could show to him.

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I'm very sorry for you loss. RIP Billy
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I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My heart goes out to you in this difficult time.

RIP Billy.

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