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Actor Jack Palance Died

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Though most of you may only know him from the movie "City Slickers" I've seen him in other roles.

But a fave kitty memory is when he was hosting "Ripley's Believe It Or Not". He was talking about "The Glory Hand" where a mummified hand was used to forecast fortunes. Or something like that. I never heard all of it completely because our blue shorthair, Gainesborough, was in front of the TV abosolutely mesmerized by the hand and Jack's voice. Several times I said "move!" but was ignored. Then I got up to move him and as I touched him, he jumped straight up, rotated 360 degrees (okay, maybe 180 It happened so fast), and took off into another room.

The parents and I laughed for several minutes.

Sorry, needed to edit because the fat fingers hit the right combination of keys to post!
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Oh what a shame Jan............very sad.
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oh man, i always , liked him,
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He was a fabulous Dracula!!!

I also remember when he accepted his Oscar that he did a bunch of 1 armed push ups on the stage, LOL

The Entertainment Industry has lost another great one. However, he was 87 years, had a full life, accomplished a great deal and entertained many. His name will be remembered for generations to come.
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Sad to hear.

That makes 2 of 3, counting him and Ed Bradley. (Sorry, old superstition that death comes in threes.)
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Yes, I remember watching him when I was young - he absolutely petrified me then! A very talented man - such a great loss!
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I loved him but had no idea he was that old...God Bless him!
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