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Hi guys

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Hey guys
Its been a while since i posted on here so i thought id update!
Well last week was awful, i failed my driving test, ive been doing my driving lessons for well over a year and a half, and i drove like it was my first time I failed within 2 mins of starting the test by nearly crashing into another car, so after that i fell to pieces, but he made me carry on.
The second bit was my 3 point turn, i was supposed to put it in reverse but put it into first gear and drove up the curb and nearly hit the wall (The examiner had to slam on the breaks!) So all in all it was terrible because i was so nervous!
Anyway... Some of you know about me losing Socks, im feeling a bit better about things now, and i have a new kitten, his name is Joey and he is now 3 months old, i love him to bits, and i will post pics of him as soon as i get them on my pc.
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Hi Carrie!! Good to see you again! Sorry about the drivers test. When I took mine, the instructor said to pull out of the parking lot to make a left. Of course I was so nervous I made a right!! I did it though! Can't wait to see pics of your new baby!!
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Hi Carrie it's nice to see you again. I'm sorry you failed your driving test, I'm sure you'll do better next time. Congrats on your new addition, I can't wait to see pics of him.
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Nice to see you post!! I'm sorry about your test,hopefully you'll pass it next time!!
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Hi Carrie! Great to see you!

I wonder if you had the same examiner as me?! He was so irritating and kept clicking his pen for the whole of both my tests! (failed by actually launching the car over a hump back bridge! )

Oooh a little one! I can't wait to see pictures of Joey!
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Oh car tests are the worse......absolute hell. It took me 3 goes.

Failed my first bike test on hesitation and was so stressed on the second I nearly walked out of the waiting room I had a really, really bad lesson before my test and was a complete wreck. Guess thats what helped in the end because I didn't really care whether I passed or not by that stage I just wanted to go home

Maybe you wont be so nervous next time now that you know what to expect.

Sarahs taking flying lessons

Yeah, baby pics
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Hi Carrie
Sorry about your test! You'll get there though, don't give up!
I was so sorry to read about Socks Joey sounds lovely, can't wait for pics
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Sorry about Socks.

I actually laughed out loud when I read about your test. Look at it this way, you now have a very funny story to tell! I failed my Canadian drivers test first time. Boy was I ticked, after 15 years of driving in other countries. Stupid instructor kept making snide remarks about tourists. I honestly think they have a fail quota. All I did wrong was speed a little in a school zone, and I was wearing sunglasses.
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I'm glad to hear your doing well and have gotten another kitty!

I failed my first drivers test... The day I went to take it I had the family station wagon. On my 3pt turn the wheel jammed and I couldn't turn it. I started freaking out becasue I couldn't understand why it would turn. The test giver said I had 3 seconds to turn that wheel or she would fail me. I couldn't get it turned so she told me to get out of the car. She got behind the wheel and she couldn't turn it either! Turns out the power steering fluid had run out! Wow, at least it wasn't me. I came back again that day witha different car and failed on the parallel parking. But I'll never forget that day...
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Carrie!...Welcome back! is good to see you here again!
Welcome, and more Welcome!
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Hey Carrie Sorry to hear about the test, but you'll get there in the end chick

And we have a new fur baby eh!!! Get that baby into fur pics for us to see asap before he's too grown up!
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