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Cat with Allergies...HELP!

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My kitten who is 6 months old has what appears to be allergies. I took him to the vet twice for this and keep getting told it is seasonal allergies. The first time he got a cortizone shot which did not help with anything. The 2nd time the vet gave me some Prednisone pills and told me to use them sparingly. I was wondering why until I gave him one and he turned into psycho cat! It is like having a cat on speed. But the pills do not seem to help either.

So i have changed his food from Iams to Nutro Natural Choice thinking maybe it is food related but nothing yet.

Any suggestions on how to make him more comfortable? He is scratching all the time and scratching his fur off and seems so uncomfortable.

Maybe a bath in a certain shampoo? He is used to baths but any suggestions for a medicated shampoo that may help?
I am open to any and all suggestions!

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How long on the Natural choice/???

if over 8 weeks then not likely food allergy unless kitty is allergic to chn , rice or corn....

Try adding fish oil

Natural balence makes the best IMHO OTC allergy food it is venison and pea... try that fod 8-12 weeks
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In addition to Sharky's suggestions, you might want to put him on a good flea control medicine from the vet. Flea allergies can cause the symptoms you're seeing, even from just one bite. A bath might help, too. Just use a very gentle shampoo.
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