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New Home

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I am looking for some advice. I have a cat that I have been taking care of since the beginning of the year that was abondoned by some one in my neighborhood. She presumably had been living as a stray for awhile when I started to take care of her. I stqarted feeding her outside adn enventually she started spening time inside when I was home and sometimes at night. She's become very close to me and knows that she has a home here. The past week though I had to move. I decided to take her with me. I put her in cage and let her loose inside the new place. She spent the better half a the first few days under the bed. I subsequently have learned that she can use a litter box so we're o.k. there. The problem is that I want her to be primarily an outdoor kitty. She has been very reluctant to go outside. I am trying to progress her slowly but there is a cat in the neighborhood that keeps comng around and they have hissing fights. She's spent some time marking her territory but just doesn't feel at home outside I guess. I keep having to force her outside. I am thinking of trying some tough love and just leaving her outside whether she likes it or not. Does anyone have any advice on adjusting my kitty to her new home outdoors?
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Is there any reason why she has to be outside? Inside really is the safest place for her, and if she doesn't want to go why force her.
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Hissing fights could progress to real fights. I've seen the damage from these and it's not pretty. Not to mention danger from cars, etc. Is there a reason she has to be outside? She sounds like a great indoor kitty to me- you don't have to worry about her wanting to escape outside!
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She sounds like she is making it clear that she is not an outdoor kitty. You can't force them to be if they don't want to. And she really doesn't want to. What is the problem with her living indoors? Nothing is better then a soft kitty curling up in bed with you Just keep her in and let her get more comfortable inside and when she is ready to explore the outdoors she will. But being a former stray, probably against her will, she may be grateful for you and the safety of indoors and not want to go back out. Just keep her in, what's the big deal?

But anyways, even if she does eventually become used to going outside, I hope she is spayed and vaccinated first!
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