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mommy attacking son.

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I have two outside cats. Freya is the mom and Loki is the son. Freya is about a year old now, and got pregnant before we could get her fixed. We gave away three of the kittens and kept Loki. They got along really well and now Loki is about 4 1/2 maybe 5 months old and for about a month now Freya has been hateful to him. She won't let him eat the dry food we leave out for them if she's around, and whenever she sees him she growls loudly at him and sometimes will jump on him for a moment or two enough to roll around a while then take off from each other. I dunno whats up with her. It's all her too because usually he's just sitting around when she jumps him.

I don't wanna have to get rid of either of them, does anyone know of a way to make her stop being mean?
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Is she spayed now? If not, then I would suggest doing so as soon as you can.That may be your problem.
Good luck and I wouldn't get rid of them.
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It's natural - she's 'weaning' him so he'll grow up and she can take it easy.
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I think after a while cat mommies are ready for their offspring to "move on". I know of a similar case where mother and daughter barely tolerated each other. I agree that having her spayed might help.
Have you thought about offering them each their own bowl of food?
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The little boy is old enough to be neutered as well, I'd get that done before too long as well if you haven't already!
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I am having the exact same situation. Mom is about 2-3 yeard old, I inherited her and she was pregnant. The son is 6 months old. Both were neutered and spayed about 2 months ago. The 6 month old son is now much larger than mom.

Sometimes they get along just fine, even play. They both sleep with me in bed. The mom just freaks out almost every day. The son most of the time isnt doing anything at all and she will attack him, or if he walks by her. She makes these creepy grumbling noises and often paws at him.

It is very difficult to watch as the young son seems confused by the behavior. Both of them are very loving to me and frequently jump on my lap for me to pet them.

They sleep indoors with me and go outside all day while I am at work. As it gets colder I will be keeping them indoor all day which I dont think they will like.
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