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RIP Mr Froggy

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In October 1996, the first year I moved away from home to go to university a friend gave me a frog which he had rescued. He knew how much I adored frogs but I had never considered having one as my own.

Although a tiny little creature, Mr Froggy has shared so much with me, my ups and my downs... I would talk to him all the time, although I was usually ignored. Whenever we had a thunderstorm I would place the tank outside in the rain and I would hear him sing out. He loved the thunderstorms.

2 nights a go I went to feed him (I have 2 frogs) and noticed him struggling to move. He wanted that food but couldnt manage it. I watched him struggle from one end of the tank too the other. I knew he was dying, so I talked to him and hoped his passing was quick.

RIP Mr Froggy - you may only be small but you were so loved

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RIP sweet Mr. Froggy

I am so sorry for your loss, Dan I had a little goldfish that was with me from the time I was 16 until I turned 24. I had such an attachment to him because even though he was a goldfish, I shared so much with him during those years. I will be keeping you in my thoughts
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Sweet Mr. Froggy, jump high to make it over the Bridge. Play with the other animals and sing as loud as you can!
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RIP Mr. Froggy
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RIP Mr Froggy!
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RIP little froggy. You had the best home in the world.
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Sorry about your frog, I had a pet toad when I was younger, He's not in pain anymore.
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I'm sorry for your loss Dan

RIP Mr. Froggy
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Mr Froggy...
Dan will miss you sweetie.
RIP little one.
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Hop happy now little one!
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Awwww Dan, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how much your froggy's mean to you.

RIP Mr. Froggy; hop happily over the Bridge. Watch over your Mummy, she misses you very much.
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RIP Mr. peacefully and free of pain now.
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How marvellous that you had the remarkable Mr. Froggy as a friend for ten years!
What an achievement that was. I am sure he was very happy with you. You must have so many fond memories of this fine fellow.
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I'm so sorry for you sad loss.

Rest in peace Mr. Froggy.
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Awwwww Dan isn't he cute!. He'll be hopping about quite happilly at the bridge now don't you worry

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Although I'll admit froggy's are not my most favorite animal he sure was a cutie! RIP Mr Froggy
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Awww Dan, I'm sorry........RIP Mr. Froggy
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Rest in Peace Mr Froggy
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I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Mr. Froggy! I just love to look at the frogs when we go to the Shedd Aquarium, a Chicago Museum full of fish and water creatures.

Rest in peace, Mr. Froggy!
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i'm sorry about the loss of your friend. Frogs are such wonderful pets. RIP Mr. Froggy!
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Danielle, I've only just seen this I'm so sorry!

Mr Froggy had the most wonderful years with you and he will always be remembered for his wonderful song and happy little ways

Hop happily over the Bridge sweet Froggy and remember to watch over your Mummy
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