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Mincemeat with vanilla ice cream followed by apple pie ala mode (My sister lives in Cambridge, NY home of the Cambridge Hotel home of apple pie ala mode)
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mincemeat is the ONLY way to go.
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Pumpkin and SWEET POTATOE PIE!!!
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I love pumpkin pie, but my mom also makes an awesome cranberry/cherry combo pie
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I voted for rhubarb (my Grandma makes killer pies! Esp. apple and rhubarb!), apple, pumpkin, and cherry! I also looooove raspberry pie!
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I LOOOVE pumpkin pie! With lots of whipped cream!!!!!!!!
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Cherry cheesecake!!

Pies are
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I voted for Pecan pie.
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Mine's apple...
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Pumpkin, Chocolate Creme, and Pecan Pie. I had to restrain myself from choosing cat nip just to be a smarty pants.
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I'm going to say Pumpkin, but I love quite a few on that list!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
I second that motion!!!! Susie is a little too hammer happy today

Thank you Nikki. Glad to see I wasn't the only one that was thinking that.
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We could try to take her hammer away but I'm sure she will get it back and bop us for the next century
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