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cute things your cats and other pets do.

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Tiger :

when we're eating dinner and he isn't very fond of Buster (our hound)..Buster is begging at the table and he will do the silliest thing by either finding a way to get on my shoulder or he sneaks behind me. Last night we were eating dinner and my dad told me to look and he was behind me on the coffee table.

also, he'll chase our black lab mix, Rocky around the house rubbing up against him. it's so cute but he gets a little annoying and Rocky just calmly growls at him.

Miagi :

in the morning he is a wild child bouncing off the walls like he was a kid high on sugar. we have this wood post and sometimes he'll climb upon on it and it's high and sometimes he'll hang up there for a minute.

next are my dogs

Jenny :

the only thing I can think of is that she'll get up on the couch with me and lay on me.

Rocky :

when we get home, he always greets us with something like a tennis shoe or a scok. the other day when we got home he had a cushion from a chair.

Buster :

if you talk to him in a baby voice like I do. I ask him all the time "are you a puppy?" and he cocks his head. it's so cute!

Ginger :

she'll play with my mom and she never ever plays.

so what are the cute things your cats and other pets do?
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Krista your gang sounds sooo cute!!!!
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aw thanks! there's never a dull moment around here that's for sure!
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Our daughter's cat, Sparkle, was seven months old when she had her first Christmas (our daughter was six). Sparkle tore off wrapping paper of a couple of our daughter's Christmas presents BEFORE Christmas, so no surprises there... They were both TOO EXCITED!

On Christmas morning, we were having our stollen (sweet yeast bread) and coffee, and opening gifts. Sparkle was bouncing off the walls, tearing across the floors, and helping our daughter rip the wrapping paper off of her gifts. Fast as lightning, she jumped on the coffee table and took a bite of my stollen, then ran into the bathroom and completely shredded the toilet paper! She was so happy and exited, it was very cute.

Cheers, from
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Duke has a "tiger tail" that was a free gift with purchase of gas a few years ago. It's about 8 inches long and made of stuffed animal material. Well Duke fetches it. You say "where's your tail" and he goes and gets it for you, you throw it and he brings it back.... yes he was raised with a dog.

Sibohan when I am compleetly not expecting it will launch herself onto my shoulder (I'm 6'1") from the ground and immediately put her nose in my ear.

Boy are they adorable.
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Lets see...

Gizmo is funny because she loves to terrorize the rest of the house. She gives the other cats the smack down just enough that they are never quite sure of her but sometimes they leave their guard down and Gizzy goes bulldozing after them. The funny part is that she is fat and slow so the other cats almost can always run faster. But it is still fun to watch her on the attack.

Bob is a little freak. He goes tearing through the house like his tail is on fire.
And I have no idea where he keeps finding all the Q-tips but he loves to play with them.

Penelope loves milk rings and will play with one for hours. If another cat gets to close she will pick it up and run away with it.

Uno loves to sit up on top of our pantry cabinet and try to fish out milkbones from the doggies cookie jar.

All the dogs run to the door and greet me when I come hom but Hanna has to run and get her squeeky bear and squeek it at least 10 times.
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