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Anybody been to Cancun?

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I just got my notice that I'm going to a meeting in January in Cancun!!! I'm so excited about this, because I've never been to Mexico before! It's a one-day meeting, so I'll have to work while I'm out there, but I'm thinking of spending a couple extra days after the meeting's over. We're staying at the Omni, and I'll need to find at least one really great restaurant to take the committee to.

So, who's got some good travel tips for Cancun?
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Cancun's beaches are absolute freakin' PARADISE with their Caribbean blue green waters (unlike the other coast of Mexico)...

However, Cancun is the most AMERICAN Mexico I have seen..
You will be hard pressed to find somewhere authentically Mexican to eat as they are all American chains (unless you go into the area where the locals actually live which is not where the hotel chains and resorts are).

The other downside is that it's popular with young 20's and late teens puking on your shoes ala spring break style at night in the clubs...and that it's really really EXPENSIVE!

But again, the landscape of the beaches are beautiful and the Mayan ruins are worth the trip for the culture.
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I haven't been there, but I have several shot glasses in my collection from there from friends. I hear Senor Frog's is a happening place, but that is a chain restaurant/bar...
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Yep! Loved it! You fly into an airport thats a little ways away from the coast, and when we pulled up to where we could see the water the entire van of people gasped at once. truely like the postcards.

Everyone speaks English there..no language barrier, and the Mexican people are great. Very little crime there as the place was built for tourism and tourist are their livelyhood.

Go to Senor Frogs if you have time for partying after your business is done
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