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A Face in the Towers?

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After numerous requests, a Pittsburgh newspaper has published pictures of what many people believe to be a face in the Twin Towers. In my opinion, this is like seeing faces in the clouds. However, it's eerie. Here's the link: Towers
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Those were released within a day or two of the incident. The images were not doctored, although it may have taken this long to "prove" it.

Regardless of what faith one adheres to, those faces appear evil, whether you say Devil, Satan, Seth, or unknown. It is spooky. I don't even think Bin Laden himself could say that those faces are of Allah praising what was done there.
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I've seen those pictures in the Fortean Times. The more I've seen them here and there, the sadder, not evil, I think they look. Mind you, I did feel sorry for Hannibal Hector in Silence Of The Lambs, as I felt he was a greatly misunderstood individual, and I sobbed so hard when the shark in Jaws, and it's sequels, got killed, as it was only following it's instincts, so maybe my opinions are a little weird, but I really do think the faces are sad, and not at all evil in the slightest.

People communicate expressions and feelings through faces, that's why someone started the whole smilie faces thing, so it is possible to fomualte faces out of anything, and with the emotions involved with the 9-11 day, we are finding a lot of coincidences, and images in things that don't normally attract our attention.

It's a bit like reading the horoscopes in the newspaper. Cut them out without their identifying signs, and you can make virtually all of them apply to yourself. We as humans are constantly asking questions, and we often also look for a higher power to answer those questions too. Maybe this image is just our way of looking for another unanswerable question.

If you fold a US $20 bill in certain ways, it can produce the image of the Twin Towers burning, the Pentagon Burning, and the word Osama. The 9-11 incident, is a tragdey we will always be asking why it happened, and searching for answers and clues.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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I agree, Sonia. They are like faces in the clouds. However, considering the tragedy that happened, I don't feel sorry for the men responsible, only the victims. We have to bear some responsibility for our own actions. Today, it's fashionable to blame our parents or Twinkies or drugs, and take no personal responsibility.
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Oh gosh no ! I certainly don't feel sorry for those responsible for the destruction. I lost a very dear friend on a holiday of her lifetime with her parents and brother, that they'd all saved for, for years to go on. None of them ever came home, and their bodies were not recovered, only their personal effects, carrying evidence of their passing. The devastation is indeed, far reaching.

What I meant was that the faces in the smoke, to me anyway, look sad, not evil, that's all.

If there is the stereotypical hell in existance, then I hope that those people who caused this mass destruction, are in it, or will go to it.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Looking at the pics again, I can see where the one in black and white does have a sad look to it. The color one...I don't know. To me it looks like a sinister laugher. I guess it's like those optical illusions - if you look at it one way it's a beautful young woman in a hat but if you look at it another it's an old haggardly woman. Just like anything else, you see what you are looking for. Like I said before, I saw these pics right after 9/11, maybe even the night of/day after. At that point all most of us could see was the evil in the acts, so that's what was generally seen in the pictures. Thanks for bringing in a different opinion, Sonia.
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When I first saw those images, I thought they were creepy. The one picture of the face looks like someone who got away with something, and thinks it's funny & doesn't give a care what happens. The other face looks so sad & haunted, in a way, or atleast that is how I perceive it.
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Sonia, 9/11 made our world even smaller yet. I had no idea you lost good friends in the tragedy. As far as I know, no one I know was lost that day. But the plane went down about 40 miles from my home. We all assumed at the time that the plane was on its way to Pittsburgh to take down the U.S. Steel Building. I was worried sick about my daughter, who works a block away, and called to tell her to get out of there. Of course, in a jet, 40 miles is less than a minute, so I would have been too late anyway. I won't soon forget the panic we felt. You have been hit so much harder. It's truly a world tragedy, isn't it? It's terrifying to think that a few radicals could take out a city because they want to be martyrs.
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