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Introducing a New Member- Age?

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Hello All,

So I am going to meet a kitten tonight that may or may not become a new member of our household. I have read all the articles on here about how to do the introductions- but do any of you have advice on what age kitten to get?

Skye is 10 years old and he just lost his companion Nathan on Saturday. He seems to be coping well. Nathan was always the alpha male of the house and took the lead on everything. Skye has always been a loner and a bit skittish. I've had roomates in the past who also had cats and both Nathan and Skye accepted those cats and made them their friends. But then again that was 7 years ago. Nathan and Skye have been the only cats in the house for the last 7 years. Now it is just Skye and he hasn't been an only cat since the day he was born. It's funny, he is actually doing some of the things that Nathan used to help me with like making the bed. Skye would never help because there was too much movement involved. He is a loving kitty, but on his terms. If you approach him too fast he runs or he will come over to be pet and if you reach out too fast he will walk just out of your reach and wait till you move slower.

Does anyone have advice on the age of kitten I should get? The one I am going to meet tonight is 15 weeks. I am worried that will be too old and that Skye would feel threatened unless it was a teeny kitten. Any thoughts or experiences that you could share?

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15 weeks is almost 4 months old. I adopted a 4 month old with older cats (over 5 yrs old) and no problems. Also Mitten was about 9 yrs old when I got my Russian Blue kitten at 4 months old. He loved her; adopted her and acted like a mother cat.

If the kitten is laid back and not too hyper, then the 10 yr old should do fine. Just introduce them slowly. Also it really helps to address the kitten as the older cat's kitten/baby.

With Mitten I'd always say "Mit, where is YOUR Kisa?" and he'd go over to the cage and sit by her. The kitten was not mine (per say), she belonged to the older cat.

We will do that with the ocicat kitten - refer to Charlie as Keno's (the dog) baby and Ling's baby brother.
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That would be my ideal! But Nathan was always playing 'mommy' to Skye and the other kittes. Maybe Skye will remember and take that role. I'm glad to hear that it worked for you kids and that 4 months isn't too old.
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Cats are weird - the grown ones don't recognize kittens as kittens, just as other cats who could threaten their territory, food, etc., so the age won't matter. The temperament will, but you'll have a hard time judging it in kittens as they change as they grow - they might be alphas now in their litters, but not necessarily some place else! Just get one you like the look of, that supposedly (at least) uses their box well, that doesn't need insulin shots or something going in, and cross your fingers.
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That is funny! But you have a great point. I'm excited and nervous...
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