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I know this is a hot topic, and I know the procedure and everything-I am curious on how many people got there cat's declawed........
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None of my 3 are declawed. Any other cats I've ever had have been declawed.

I didn't really know much about it until right before we got Maui- I decided to get online and read about it and that's when I realized what exactly it entails. It's been tough with them having their nails, but we're all dealing
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I have never had one that was declawed (done by me, or gotten already done) My mother didn't believe in having it done, (cost too much, plus they were allowed out) So I have never thought about declawing, when I found out what it does, I was glad, I never have (or will) I breed cats, and the new owner has to sign a contract that they will not declaw any cat or kitten from my cattery. (I also give them info in it, so mabey they won't ever do it to any cat they have )
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Originally Posted by gsxrgirl View Post
I know this is a hot topic, and I know the procedure and everything-I am curious on how many people got there cat's declawed........
Another point I never see mentioned on this is that you cannot show cats that are declawed, not that I am interested in hauling my cat around for show, but just a thought that some may have not considered.
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I would never de-claw my cats. I also want to mention, that it is illegal in other countries. I am originally from Germany, where de-clawing is considered cruelty to animals.
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Originally Posted by KaylieKitty View Post
I would never de-claw my cats. I also want to mention, that it is illegal in other countries. I am originally from Germany, where de-clawing is considered cruelty to animals.

I'd have to agree that it is cruelty. Only when the human having the declawing done is ready to have all their fingers cut off at the first knuckle should they be allowed to have their cat de-clawed IMO.
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Nope, none of mine are decalwed, and my parents cats are not declawed. My step mom's cat that she had when she married my dad was declawed, and he was the perfect example of the BAD side effects of declawing, he was NASTY! She learned what the procedure entailed and when we got our next cats swore never to do it. I will never do it to any of my cats, ever.
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none of mine are declawed and it is infact illegal here in Australia. I didnt even know about declawing until I joined TCS.

Even if it wasnt illegal, I would never do it
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Nope, would never have my kitties declawed, and have actually never been around a cat that was declawed
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I think declawing is cruel and heartless.

I am on a dog forum and tried desperately to convince a fellow member not to declaw her kitten. Shes doing it anyway because they cat is scratching her carpet. How vain is that?

She wont even try soft claws because the cat is too hyper and wont stay still long enough for them to be applied...whatever

I will NEVER declaw a cat. Never. I cant imagine performing such a cruel surgery.

The thing is, many vets offer a discount, or package price for speutering and declawing the same day. I dont know how they can promote that kind of stuff.
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I don't think the question is quite accurate for what you want to find out. Puppy is declawed, but he wasn't declawed by us.

I don't know anyone personally that declaws, but I have met people that do so. IMO, these people are doing it because they are more concerned with their furniture than their cats welfare. People who think like this are also more likely to abandon their animal when they no longer have use for the animal or can't get their new apartment because of the animal. Puppy was abandonded by his owners.

I also have a friend that homed her two cats for a year with a family when she moved far away temporarily. She came back to find them both declawed. This was not her choice at all, and she wasn't even notified of it.

Point being, I don't think this poll will accurately what it is that you are looking for.
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I advertised for a declawed cat since this was my first 'in house cat' and I owned antiques.

Gizmo was front declawed some time ago by her previous owner, and she is a happy cat with one strong grip!
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2 are, 2 aren't. i voted yes, but i really needed to vote both ways.
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I find it unnecessary. Both of my cats are trained to use a scratching post, their scratching rug, and a Turbo Scratcher. It was extremely easy to train them and they learned fast.
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Neither of my boys are declawed. I was doing to have Harley declawed, until I joined TCS and everyone here was so helpful in showing me the facts. I really didn't know any different until then.
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You have no "other" option.
I have not had any of my cats declawed, but 4 of the 6 came to us as declaws, one of which is a 4 paw.
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My cats are not and will not be declawed. That sick kitten that we found at work and gave to a co-worker, she had him declawed. I felt so badly because I feel like I gave her the cat and she didn't talk it over with me (it was her cat, she really didn't have to) before she did it, because she knew I would object.

I understand the need to keep good furniture looking great, but I have second-hand furniture because I have cats. I am willing to work around my babies, not force them into a mold that I want them in.

My cats are more important than furniture or carpeting. I do think declawing is barbaric.
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My first cat, Mitten was declawed. But that was before I knew what they really did and my mom/dad told me if I wanted to keep the cat, he had to be declawed.

After declawing I cried when he attempted to get in the litter pan with bandaged feet. Mitten was an exception to most declawed cats - he never was adversly affected - he was outgoing, used the litter box and still caught birds/rabbits/squirrels when declawed.

After I found out what declawing was, NONE of my cats ever got declawed again. I usually tell people that they should try EVERY method of training the cat and leave declawing as a very last resort. HOWEVER, if they chose to have it done - then they should be responsible for the cat for its entire life - that means do not dump the cat in a shelter or give it away to another if it starts biting more or refuses to use the pan. YOU created those problems that didn't exist before the declawing, so you are responsible.

BTW I had in my kitten contacts for my rexes that they were not to be declawed.
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I have 6 cats right now and none of them are declawed. All my elderly cats that passed on to the bridge have never been declawed. I will not declaw my cats.

LOL We make bets on how long a couch will last!!! I work around my cats also! They rule!!!! I do cover the nice chairs with blankets and afghans. They have lasted a long time. The couch is the sacrifice to the cats.

My cats are way more important than a material piece of furniture... The couch can be replaced!!

My cats will choose a couch over a scratch post anyday!!

I was thinking a futon maybe the next thing we try!!!
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No declaws here. It's not done over here anyway and is considered animal abuse. Like someone else said earlier - I didn't even know what declawing was until I joined here. I wouldnt have it done anyway as I could never consider my furniture more important than my cats.
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I wish the US could be civilized. No declawing, no cropping, no docking...ah, to dream.
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Question to the UK/overseas people. I know that you all don't crop ears, but do you dock tails? Like in the doberman and boxer breeds?
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Question to the UK/overseas people. I know that you all don't crop ears, but do you dock tails? Like in the doberman and boxer breeds?
No tail docking in Australia.

My 7 cats all have their claws, I'd never heard of declawing until I came to Canada. I was horrified when I found out what it is.
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I have never had a cat declawed and never will. Gryphon and Nibs (both RB now) came to us declawed -- and thankfully, they did not suffer any behavioural problems as a result of the declawing, but that would never be a justification for doing this to a cat.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Question to the UK/overseas people. I know that you all don't crop ears, but do you dock tails? Like in the doberman and boxer breeds?
Sadly, tail docking is still carried out, although opposition to it seems to have increased in recent years and it's not uncommon to see spaniels, boxers etc. with undocked tails. The new animal welfare bill (2006) aimed to ban tail docking but an overall ban was narrowly voted against. Instead it looks like there will be an exemption for working dogs, although it will be illegal to dock for cosmetic purposes. I'm totally against docking. I think the situation with docking is different to the declawing of cats in that it's done at such a young age. It's therefore breeders, rather than the general public, who need to be educated about it.
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to keep the first cat i ever had, my mom made me declaw, the front.
kitty was with me for 13 years, she came from the local apl and was about to be put to sleep.....howver any vet that willing does all 4 should be shoot.

so what better a long happy life where she was loved, and still missed or to let her die?

however non of my other cats have been declawed ,and non of them ever will again.
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My three are not declawed. They have ripped one chair to shreds but I bought a new scratching post and a slipcover and now all is well. I don't really even clip claws anymore. They seem to do their thing fine on the post and the scratchy box.
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I would never declaw any of my cats, and kittens go under a NO DECLAW contract, or it voids a 4 year health guarantee. There is so many safe alternatives to declawing, that anyone thinking of declawing should educate themselves on the procedure and what they can do to prevent the mutilation of a kitten/cats feet.

I have an Old English Sheepdog, which is a breed that does tail docking. I have done many years of research on the breed, which included information on tail docking. IMO, which comes from facts, is that if tail docking is done approximately 3 days after birth, the puppy, has not yet developed nerve endings, so the procedure is painless. It also carries very low risk for infection. However, I do not agree with docking past the 3-4 day mark.
The origin of tail docking was never about cosmetics, but to prevent taxing on a working dog. I do feel that it is now carried out because of cosmetic reasons, as well, for ease, the owner doesn't have to worry about a tail clearing the table. I grew up with an Old English Sheepdog, and would love the breed just as much with or without a tail.
I don't know enough about ear cropping to comment on it. I don't know why it was originally started, and if there was a reason for it, other than cosmetic.
I would love to see declawing banned here in the US.
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I had a boxer, and when he was a couple days old the tail had already been docked. I did have his ears cropped, I probley wouldn't again, I like it that way, so I would get a rescue with it already done.
I worked with a woman who told me I was cruel and shouldn't be aloud to have dogs, and on and on this lady went, and this lady had a house full of declawed cats! How can some one feel ok with ripping all of their cats toes off at the first knuckle to stop it from sratching a couch, but think taking a little flap of skin off the ears is cruel? Her explanation, I had no reason, and she did, ears are cosmetic, and declawing saved the couch, LOL!
I would have my dogs tail docked. It is done at such a young age there is no nerve ending. Plus how many have heard of dogs having behavioural issues because of a docked tail OR cropped ears? I know most do dissagree with declawing, and will probley bite my head off because they don't agree with the docking either, LOL! but, that's ok, every one has an opionin.

Oh, this may sound kind of strange but has any one ever done or even heard of docking a cats tail? My man and I have a friend and his mother used to breed persians. She knew I started breeding my ragdolls, so were talking one day about things, like giving the shots (I did that with one litter, but decided to just do it at the vets, I didn't feel satisfied knowing that a vet hadn't seen them and given them a full health exam, so I just do it all at the vets (and now I do early altering, so they just get it all at once) Well her cat jumped on the table and she had no tail, I thought it was cute, and figured she was just born that way, but she said she docked the tails, I asked her about it, I never heard of vets doing it, and she said she just did it her self! she said she did dew claws as well, I was just so surprised, I don't think I could do some thing like that my self, as far as dogs, if I raised boxers I would bring them to the vet to do. Any way, the cat is a persian, has any one ever heard of docking a persian (or any cats) tail?
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Nope, Trout is fully intact...well all except her "womanly" parts
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