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the Daily Thread TGIF Nov 10

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And a breautiful day here. Nice and warm and clear.

Morning all! Hope everyone has a great "Headache Day"????? Guess they have a Saint for everything....

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WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! I've been waiting for you to put this thread up

Headache day?, that's me after a few too many wines

A bright, cold day here. I didn't get to do my housework last night with being out so i'll be cracking on with that as soon as i get home from work

Retail therapy tomorrow Have a great weekend everyone
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Well, in celebration of Headache Day, I woke up with a pounding headache which has eased off to a dull headache thankfully as it is a busy busy day at work today.

As far as anything other than work, for once I don't think I will have anything really to take home with me (other than typing the minutes of our final meeting which I may get done before I leave) and am looking forward to a weekend of nothing.

We sponsor a hockey team at work and there are spare tickets for the game, so if I get home in time I may go to that
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Wish me luck. I need to go to the store and get the monthly supply of paper products that I had planned to get on Tuesday. But those plans were before I caught this cold.

Supposed to be a lovely day then it cools down 20 degrees before tomorrow. Bleh.
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Morning all my pretties

Well TGIF!!! Woooooohoooooooooo

Um, I have plans all weekend thankfully, so I won't be bored...Trout might be bored..but I won't be..I'll have to give her extra love at sleepy time.

So, yah have a good day everyone, and enjoy your Friday!!
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Beautiful bright sunny day here - and I'm off work for 4 whole wonderful glorious days! Yippee! Think I'll go out and do the craft tour tomorrow! Today I have some Christmas wrapping to do - muahahaha!
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Back from the store. The bag with the chocolate supply weighed more than the bag with the 12 roll of toilet paper and 3 roll pack of paper towels.

And Mom just announced she thinks she is coming down with this cold.
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Well it's a somwhat beautiful day it's cloudy but expectation sof sunshine are keeping me hopeful. My alergies are killing me though.

I am driving out to see my parents and help my brother field dress the 3 deer he got on the first few days of hunting season. *Opps is my red neck showing?* After that I will be hopfuly seeing my best freind who's dog is expecting puppies within the next few weeks Mix Black Lab / Blue Healer puppies should be cute.

I am also hoping to get out to do some Christmas Shopping and or see a movie but that compleetly depends on time available.
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Got my walk in before the fun weather moves in, did some laundry now doing some updates on my computer. Mom and dad are coming tomorrow instead of Sunday afternoon (rats) well at least dad can help Neil with all the firewood that needs to be split and stacked. (instead of me!!)
Tried 3 new recipes (out of newspaper and a book) last night-they are keepers!!
Have a good Friday!
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Well the very nice man from British Gas has just left having fixed our central heating which stopped working last Wednesday.

It was very last night and again this morning, my nose is freezing. Its all right for the cats they can wrap theirs up in a nice furry paw mine has been growing icicles But its beginning to warm up nicely now.

We are out tonight, a friends wedding party. Looking forward to it, should be fun

No shopping to do tomorrow, just the usual bag of cat litter and saw dust.

Only 14 days to go until we go on holiday
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A little late in the game getting started, but I am up and I am at work (finally). Just couldn't get moving this morning. I knew it was supose to hit 65-70 degrees here today and I didn't want to spend a day like that in the office. Well....the parking lot here at work reflects my sentiments - practically empty.
Going to work till early afternoon, then I'm outta here to enjoy what's left of the day!
Happy weekend to all!
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