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8 Month Old Cat Not Well !!

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We have an 8 month old kitten that is not well..

We took him to the vet last week and they gave him antibiodics as he had a temperature. They have not seemed to have helped so we are taking to the vet tomorrow.

His symptoms are;

Not wanting to eat
Breathing funny (short but fast breathing)
Not pooing but weeing normally (he usually poo's quite regulary)
Third eye lids constantly over part of eyes
Not playful
Not looking after himself (not cleaning)
Sneezing (but only started after taking antibiodics)

He has been like this for a few weeks now but we are taking him to have blood tests done as i am hoping he does not have cat (AIDS) or cat (Lukemia)..

Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be wrong with our little man?? i am quite stressed as he is normally a very playful little kitty..
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I forgot to mention that he is an indoor cat and there are no other cat contacts for him to get sick from..
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You did the right thing by having a VET look at him and at this time a blood test is the way to go. Please keep us in the loop on how he is progressing.
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Well after all that our little man is now in cat heaven. He was at the RSPCA for the past 3 days and they could not work out exactly what was wrong with him so we took him to the Sydney University. He had a suspected Shrunt but they were not sure as they said today that he had lumps on one of his kidneys so they said he might have kidney problems as one of them was smaller then the other. He had 2 seizures in the past 3 days and was not responding to medicine. We unfortunantly had a budget of what we could spent for his operation and it was way above that. We were going to go ahead with it anyway but then we heard about how he had more complications so we thought it was his time to stop his suffering. He had been poked and prodded so much he was crying when anyone touched him. We are now hopeing to get another kitten soon so we can share our love with another helpless kitten or two but Odin will live on in our hearts forever.

No wonder why he was not playful no more. *sigh*
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Oh I'm SO sorry to hear of your baby's suffering. You did the right thing in relieving him of his pain.

There must have been some serious stuff wrong with him. Poor little mite.

Please come and tell us when you've found another furbod to love.
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I'm so sorry your kitty is gone. I'm sure he felt the love you had for him, and he is at the Rainbow Bridge now.
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