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Rats and Cats

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Ok, I know that rats are natural prey to cats, but my rats don't know that. In fact mommy rat loves to bite anything that comes near her cage, and yes the babies are weened and seperated. Well the problem is that while Akasha knows that rats bite, Kahlan does not. And she likes to sleep on top of the cages. (I have the girls cage sitting on top of the boys cage) thats all fine and good right now, because I had to put hardware cloth over the cage to keep babies in, but when that comes off, well, Mist is going to take a chunk out of Kahlan, my biggest fear is that it will happen when I'm at work and Kahlan will have bled out by the time I get home. Any suggestions on how to keep Kahlan off the cages? And no, there is no place I can put them that is out of her reach.
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I will be facing a similar problem soon myself. I have 2 rats in the livingroom, and they tend to want to bite anything near the cage bars. I have decided once I get my kitten, he will only have access to this room, when I am supervising him.
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I would think that the most the rat might do to a sleeping cat on top would be get a mouth full of cat fur. One time of that, and the cat will stay off!

I'd be more worried about the cage falling if the cat is suprised. Any possibility of putting the rat in a room where the cat is not allowed?
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There are no rooms in the apartment that the cats are not allowed, very tiny place. And the mama rat has already gotten Kahlan once, fortunatly she only lost part of her nail. And no she won't learn, she's not the brightest of kitties.
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You will find the rats will but her in her place and you wont have to worry. I had 13 rats before with 2 cats and the cats were scared of the rats. Now i have two rats and kirra and she will sit near the cage and watch em, even get nose to nose, but they make sure to remind her whose in charge hehe.
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