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Hello. We feed Oscar Purina Kitten Chow, I keep it in a bowl so he can eat it whenever he is hungry. As a treat we give him either 9Lives chicken, and Beef. And I also give him tuna. It is like a month.
I was just wondering if this is Okay for Oscar.
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The foods you are feeding are OKAY but in the sence fast food is OKAY for humans...

If your budget minded look at Nutros Max line and Chicken soup for the cat lovers soul.... BOth are good premium foods that are easy on the budget in both wet and dry
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Both Purina and 9 Lives are made with very poor quality ingredients. They will sustain Oscar, but they're more likely to cause health problems like excessive shedding, hairballs, urinary tract problems, digestive issues, diabetes, obesiety, and many other things than if you were feeding him a higher quality food.

I'd reccomend doing some reading, about cat food and what should be found in it (and what *shouldn't*!) And start reading ingredients panels. That's the best way to find out what foods are good and bad.

Here's some good sources for learning more:
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Nine Lives isn't really a very good quality food and if you mean human tuna that also isn't all that good for them. The human tuna is nice in very small amounts as an occasional treat but not too much too often.

Sharky has suggested some better brands of food to try and if you do a search on this forum you will find lots of information about better foods. The better quality ones are listed in many of the threads.
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The reason why i feed him Purina is because that is what he started eating on with his mom. I thought that i had to feed him what he was eating before? Should i just go to Petco and buy there kind of food? Oscar seems to be doing well on it. He has had any hairballs that i know of, and he hasn't shed yet that i know of..

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You can change foods by gradually mixing the new in with the old, increasing the proportion of new every day for about a week or so.
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Thanks for all help.
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