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Hissy, I saw in yesterdays DT that McKenzie is missing. I must have missed the post at some point, sorry!

Just wanted to send kitty thoughts and prayers to you!! Hope she comes home safe and sound.
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..any news - she even was in my dreams last night...
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I didn't realize McKenzie was missing either. I will say a prayer to help guide Mckenzie home. Please keep us posted!!!!!!!
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I just saw this post, too! Hissy, I hope McKenzie will be found safe & sound!
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But she has been gone a week now. Her kittens were on her the other day, trying to nurse her and rough-housing with her and she spit and hissed at them, smacked them with her paws and bolted out the cat door. We have not seen her since. She has a bright blue tattoo on her back leg which is white, but I have been to the shelters and called the vets and no one has brought in an injured feral. She was just about allowing me to pick her up too, so the chance that she is with someone in their house is pretty slim. I am afraid, she is gone and I have to accept that like it or not. Thanks for your concerns all of you.
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Don't give up hope, MaryAnne, she may come home...I had a semi-ferel female disapear for 5 months one time, and then she just showed back up one day and has been here ever since, and that was 6 months or so ago!!! I will be thinking of her, and let us know if you see anything of her.
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Thanks Debby,

I have a feral that goes missing for months at a time, and then just wanders in to eat and be held and then vanishes again. I think he is living in a neighbor's barn and getting fat on the mice in the grainery there. This feral is 12 years old now and he appeared tonight when I was feeding the horses. I hadn't seen him in about 3 months this time around. It could be that Mckenzie is underneath the shop or the barn or hiding back by the creek. But all I know is she is not visible in the daytime or early evening. But she has plenty to eat if she does appear in the dark and she knows how to get in the house if she wants to.
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How old are her kittens now? Maybe she is trying to wean them, and just needed a break from them, and will come back soon.
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Hissy, I'm so sorry to hear that MacKenzie's missing. I hope she returns soon.
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This is really upsetting news. I do hope MacKenzie comes home, meowing for dinner and wondering what all the fuss is about.
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