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Help! Reintroducing cats not working!

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I used to live with a roommate and all together we had five cats. She kept two and held one for me for a month until I could bring her in. I took the two youngest, the babies Avis and Sevvie and just brough Diana into our new apartment. She recognized us and was alright with roaming the apartment freely until she saw the kittens.
She hisses and growls continuously everytime she sees them. They remember her and seem confused as to why she doesn't remember them, even though she nursed the youngest one. She even backed one of the babies into a corner so frightened it didn't want to come out.
What can I do?? I love the older cat, but I can't let her bully the kittens because she doesn't remember them. And i'm afraid they are so bold she's going to end up really hurting one of them. Please give me some advice!

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Go to the above thread and you will find lots of good advice on introduction/re-introduction. It seldom happens that you can bring another cat into an environment without fighting or behaviour issues.

Bijou and Mika are full brother and sister but after Mika living with our daughter at another location, when she moved back home we had to separate them for a whole month. We allowed them together in the evenings when we were there to monitor their behaviour and if they started fighting we immediately separated them again.

You will need lots of patience and love. You can also put a dab of vanilla on them both at the base of their tail and their head so they smell the same which may help.

We even take both our cats to the vet even if only one is being seen as they come home smelling different from being in the vet office. That different smell can sometimes cause them to not recognize each other.
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