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Oh No! Pumpkin Threw up!

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I came home from work this evening and Pumpkin had thrown up!!! As many of you already know Pumpkin was a Stray that we took in about 10 days ago.
One thing I did notice about the vomit is the food looked like it was barely chewed. My vet had given me a sample of Royal Cain Dental DD because Pumpkin's only problem from his check up was that he needs a good dental cleaning. She thought that this type of food would be helpful for his teeth. I have been mixing it with Authority dry food (both are dry food styles) but only giving him the Dental DD brand every few days. Could it be the very large pieces that made him vomit? It doesn't appear that he is chewing his food properly. Could he be sick? He has only vomited this one time but of course I'm concerned!! Also Pumpkin is UTD on his shots and tested negative for both Leukemia & AIDS. Any ideas??
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I don't think you need to worry about ONE vomit pile...wait and see if it happens again, and then call the vet..
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Thanks! I feel better now! Do you think it's odd that his food was barely chewed? Do you know if that is anything to be concerned over?
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Cats don't usually chew - they break larger bits with the tip of the tooth and swallow, so seeing food unchewed wouldn't be unusual if they threw it up soon after eating. Is it possible he ate too quickly - that can sometimes cause them to throw up. You might try raising his dish so he doesn't eat so fast. He may just be eating too quickly, not realizing that he is no longer outside on his own and the food won't stop coming.
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Mine occasionally throw up and it includes unchewed food. As Yosemite said, many cats do not chew their food, so that in itself is nothing to worry about.

Generally (unless they are sick) throwing up is cause by a few things
1. a hairball they are trying to get up
2. change in food
3. eating too fast
4. the food bowl being too low to the ground

or in Bumper's case, he will make himself throw up in front of me for attention
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