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Would a dog be a good idea?

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Hi Everyone!
Well some of you may remember the trouble Russell had with a loud inconsiderate housemate after a move of 1600 km. He no longer lives with us and Russell has gotten used to new people and friends dropping by. So happy ending all round.

Though, there's talk of getting a dog. I'm not 100% keen on the idea because of Russell. I'm just wondering whether anyone out there can recommend a way of how a dog can be introduced. And Russell doesn't like LARGE dogs at all. It will be a small dog.

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A lot depends on the personality of the cat and dog involved. I introduced an abused afghan to two adult cats who had never lived with dogs before (in fact, one of them had been trapped by a bunch of huskies under a cabin for a week). I did the introduction very slowly, keeping them separated at first and then slowly increasing their supervised time together until everyone got used to the idea. I also rubbed each daily with a towel that had the other's scent.

Fortunately, despite her abuse, Mischa (the dog) was very gentle with the cats... in fact, she was the one who initially needed protection from our dominant female cat, Chkai. In the end, they learned to tolerate each other... I'd say the process took a good six weeks until I was confident I could leave them alone without incident.
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I agree with Tum about the introduction process. We have had a mixed house for over 20 years, and so far so good~
Let us know!
I am glad that Russell is doing so much better. It is nice to hear that good news about him!
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I just got a new kitten yesterday, and I have three dogs already. Two are small (Maltese and Pekegnese), and one is a big dog (St. Bernard).

I introduced the new kitten slowly to the maltese last night and they seem to be doing better today, but my kitty is deathly afraid of the St. Bernard. I know that if I could just get them together for a little while, then they'd be okay, but the kitty goes wild... any ideas??

Thank you,
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