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Are 2 cats tooooo much??

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Would it be too much to get another cat...My cat is 2 years old, and we've never own a 2nd cat...but we are now considering getting one...
2 cats in a 1 bedroom apt???
Would the socialization be hard?
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I think it would be great to add another cat. My Ceci is an only cat and I feel she is lonely during the day. I have actually spoken to her foster mom and asked her to be on the lookout for a Siamese mix
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I am not one to talk but I think another cat would be a great addition. I originally had Melody only, and I thought it would stay that way forever. Then when she was 2 yrs. old I decided to get Uno, I couldn't resist his adorable face, it was rough going for a while but they are the best of buds now. In the last year, I got married, added Ginger and Gracie. I thought we would stop there. Then in Feb. my husband brought home Dusty and I thought once again we would be done and then in May he brought home baby Squeeker. All of us live perfectly fine in a one bedroom apartment, I will admit at times it seems the walls are getting closer together but they have done great and in ways I think it might be better, it forced them to all get along. We are moving next month to our new house and I cannot wait to see them all running and playing in a HUGE house. We also have a baby on the way, so we will have to see what else we can add to the household before we are moving again to find more space. Good luck and I hope you find just the right kitty to make a perfect addition to your house.
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Unless the cats are the size of a tiger, two cats in one bedroom apt is not too much. Just be sure both cats are neutered/spayed and look for a laid back personality.

If your current cat is a female, I recommend a laid-back neutered male vs. another female. In my experience, resident females tend to be more territorial to another female coming in.
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ohh boy hehe I have 7 cats in a 2 bedroom apartment So no, if you can provide proper vet care, especially spaying and neutering and vaccinations, then go for it. It will keep the other one you already have occupied when you are gone. Just remember to introduce them properly and expect hissing and growling and stuff like that.
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I have 4 in a 2bedroom apartment so I say no!

As long as you can provide a good home and vet care etc - go for it, and your cat will probably (after a proper introduction) love the company.

Its so cute to come home to my 4 snuggled up in a big ball of fur on the bed
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One of the cool things about cats is that they kind of live in 3-D, like fish. They can live "up" so you can exponentially expand the space/play areas by putting up catwalks and having some cat trees.

I think 2 kits in a 1br apt is a-ok. Heck, I have 2 dogs, 1 fat cat and a rat in a 1 br and we manage just fine!

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I had three cats in our 600 sq ft 1 bedroom.

My brother and his wife had three 2 girls and a boy and when they were just old enough both girls got pregnant and they ended up with 2 litters 2 days apart so they had 14 in their one bedroom apartment until they were old enough to rehome HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA so 2 is easy!!!!
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I have 5 cats.............so I say go for it!!
If you can afford the expenses that is.
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If you can afford it - I say yes.

We have 2 cats (Harley is 1.5 and Davidson is 5 months) in a 1 bedroom apartment and they have plenty of room to run around and play. We were extremely lucky, they loved eachother from the moment I brought Davidson home, no fighting or anything, cuddles and headbutts right away.

Good luck on your decision, I think your cat would love a playmate, I know Harley loves it, he was getting really lonely at home by himself all the time.
Now we have double the trouble
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