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how to stop a cat in heat from sparying

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My bf's friend has a female cat that is in heat and is indoors, she sprays things and even sprays her and her bf aslo. They dont have the money to get her fixed and would like to know if there is any way to stop her from spraying.
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Feliway will help. You must also make sure to thoroughly clean all spots where she has sprayed and I mean thoroughly! Use a cleanser that guarantees removal of odor and spots by cat standards.
But nothing beats spaying kitty.
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If she is in heat she WILL spray and nothing you can do about it. The best they can do till she is spayed is to confine her to a room that can be cleaned.

Tell your friend to check into the low costs spaying (maybe call a local shelter and ask) because leaving her in heat all the time increases her risks of cancer or pyrometria (which can kill her).
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Where does your friend live? city and state? there are super low cost clinics all over the place. Sometimes even free clinics.
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Maybe I am lucky to never have had this problem, but I never heard os a female cat spraying either. How old is she? And is that definitely the reason?
Spaying is a definite! There are many health issues and it calms aggresive behavior, so they need to follow through with that.
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Most females won't "spray" like the male does (tho some do) but they would pee in a lot more places which is their version of spraying.
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Spaying is your most cost-effective way of treating this. The special cleaners required can add up and Feliway is expensive.
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Thanks every one well i dont know much about the cat this is my bf's friend's cat :\\ i can ask him about the cat and see if he knows, it's just his friend asked him to ask me thinking i would know :\\ ok well thx any way i'll see what info i can get.
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Female cats in heat spray - it's inevitable. It's also pretty much inevitable that they get pregnant no matter how hard someone tries to keep it from happening.

Tell your friend that he should call the local animal shelter and ask about their low-cost spay/neuter program. Virtually all shelters offer low-cost spay/neuter options. This is truly the best and most cost effective way to keep everyone happy!
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Totally agree, all cats not intended to breed should be fixed (hate that term). Although I still think there might be more to a female peeing around the house that is not spayed. She must be indoor/ outdoor as well which is a big mistake if you are avoiding spaying for financial reasons!
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