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Sore throats and water

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Our girl Holly started sneezing Sunday afternoon so on Monday we took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with an upper respiratory... put on baytril pills since they last 24hrs and we had to go out of town for a funeral on Tuesday. She got a dose Monday and Tuesday, and again today when we came home. She's doing better, not sneezing as much and acting like her old self (not lethargic) but she still has runny eyes.

Our problem now is, and I guess I saw it coming, that our boy is now acting like his throat is extremely sore. Every time he tries to eat, talk, or purr just a little too loud, he starts coughing (something of a gagging motion but not quite... so I presumed this is coughing as I've never seen a cat cough). We're going to take him to the vet first thing but in the meantime I'm concerned about his water intake. He couldn't eat his wet food, which he loves, and since he's not one to lap up water like Holly that concerns me. I've not seen him try to take water... he wouldn't even really try to eat any baby food which is his favorite among favorite treats, although you could tell he REALLY wanted to... in fact as lethargic as he is he still came running in the kitchen when he heard the POP of the bottle opening.

I'm certain he's just caught Holly's cold (he's breathing perfectly fine and purring... just if he gets too excited and purrs loudly then he coughs). The ER vet's office said if it's just upper respiratory like Holly then he should be okay until morning but I'm starting to wonder since he's not taking water if I need to take the $75 hit and get him in there NOW.
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Do you have an eye dropper or a syringe that you can fill with water, and just see if you can get him to lick a few drops?
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