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Rotation Diet?

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I have noticed that a number of you mention feeding a rotation diet. Maybe I am dense, but I don't fully understand what that means and what is involved. I noticed that Wyson website also recommends a rotation diet for cats. Is it a combination of home cooked, raw and commerical? If so, how do you know you are providing the kitties with the proper nutrients? Where and how do you begin? Where could I find an example of a good rotation diet? I do work 9 hrs 5 days a week, so I need something fairly simple.

As background both of my cats are around one and a half years old. The female, Kabou, presently eats Natural Balance canned and a small amount of Nutro kibble. Brandon, my male eats 50/50 Nutro kibble and meow mix pouches. I have hard time getting him to eat wet food and meow mix is the only one he will eat. He is overweight, 16.8 pounds and the vet told me to try cutting down on the kibble which I am doing. Any input or advice or links to information would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Cris
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The rotation diet ... is intresting I dont buy it fully ...

A few companies recommend dry canned raw and treats... Too me that doesnt make sence ... But to only give one for a certain length of time like 4 weeks ...

I feed to the animal \\\\

my CRF girl gets canned and raw ( separate feeding so digestion goes well)

my dog gets raw and single protein treats

my youngest get dry and wet ( also at seprate times for safe digestion)
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