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Update on Noel- It appears to be a heart tumor

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Hi Everyone-

Thanks to those of you that took the time to read my post and reply. Your support means a lot to me. I went to see my specialist last night. She did an echocardiogram of Noel's heart. Her heart was functioning fine however, there was a mass of tissue attached to it. She took a sample of the fluid which will be sent to a lab to confirm if it's cancer. The doctor was pretty confident in her position though. I spoke to my normal vet this morning and he said she would have about two weeks left and there wasn't much else I could do for her. There's no surgery no nothing according to him.

Has anyone gone through this before? Please help! The specialist said it would be lymphoma more than likely. There's very limited info out there. And I guess I am at a loss for whether I should put her through more torture or put her to sleep. I love her so much (not that anyone on here doesn't love their babies). I could really use some one's advice. Like I said in my original email- my kitty Timber was diagnosed with mammarian cancer in Feb, my kitty Blue Eyes crossed the bridge in July, in September Timber was diagnosed with renal failure and now Noel might have cancer. I feel very overwhelmed....I am sorry for being so weepy - I just hurt so much inside . Thanks everyone.

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i am so very sorry to hear this, I dont really have any advice I'm afraid, just wanted to post as no one else had.
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Sorry to hear this sad news. No advice from me either, but hang in there.
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Oh Terri, Bless your heart, I have never heard of this but just want you to know I will be praying for you and your sweet baby
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Terri, I am so sorry.
Did the specialist tell you when she would have your kitty's lab results?

We are here for you.
You and your precious kitty will be in my thoughts
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Hi Terri,
I am so sorry to hear about Noel. My Tigger, 13 yr old male, had a tumor on his heart and it too was inoperable because of his age. It was devasting to watch his health decline. As the tumor grew, it pushed on his other organs making his lungs fill up with fluid. The vet gave us medicine to help and then even gave him shots to help drain the fluid so he could breathe, many emergency visits...until eventually he came out of his litterbox, flopped down and I knew he just couldn't take it anymore. It broke my heart.

I hope Noel's is not cancer and just some kind of growth...think positive thoughts. Please let us know what you find out...I know how you must be feeling and understand completely what you are going though. Hope everything is okay.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your poor kitty. I'm hoping for the best for her! I haven't had experience with cancer in cats but I have had a cat that I knew was going to die sooner then later from polycystic kidney disease. Turned out to be sooner. She died after I had her only about 22 months. If there is nothing else medically that can be done, you just have to love them and keep them as comfortable as possible.
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How sad. We are all here for you in this trying time. I'll pray that your baby does not have cancer.
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