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Poor Onyx

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Well, it seems Onyx has yet again fallen victim to the un-neutered stray that always picks on him. He came in today limping and has a swollen back paw.

I keep saying I'm going to keep him in, but he looks so pitiful I always give in and let him out again. Well, come hell or high water he'll never be going outside again.

Onyx never growls at me, but when I try to sneak a peek at his paw he growls and tries to bite me. I hate seeing him in pain like this. We'll be going to the Vet tomorrow to see whats going on.

This is a rough time for me financially as I am in the process of moving and have to lay out all sorts of money for rent and damage deposit, so i'm hoping the Vet will go easy on me.

I could use some of that famous 'board magic' for Onyx and also for my wallet This really could not have come at a worse time.

Thanks guys
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Sorry Mel you are having such troubles, and poor Onyx!! I hope he gets well fast, and I hope that Vet gives you an appointment on the house!!
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I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll keep Onyx in my thoughts and hope he feels better soon. Poor kitty.
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Poor Onyx! Maybe Vet will let you pay over several months? Those are arrangements we made with our Vet as we are working on getting the strays/ferals around here trapped, spayed/neutered and shots, etc. Good luck with all - sending warm thoughts and prayers your way.
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Prayers and positive energy comming your way.
Hopefully, things will improve for both of you!
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Sorry to hear about Onyx Hopefully, everthing will be ok. I'm sure if you explain your situation to the vet about your financial needs, he'd understand.
BTW, have you seen the little cage runs they have for cats? That might be an idea for you. They sell them in Doctors Foster & Smith's Pet Warehouse catalog! Here's the link:
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Melissa, so sorry to hear about Onyx, and the timing.... it always happnes at the wrong time doesn't it?? We moved about 2 months ago and we are still trying to recover from the costs - its not easy!!
Hope yu get your little ones paw sorted out and that "wallet troubles" right themselves soon too
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Melissa, sending lots and lots of pussycat healing thoughts your way!
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Poor baby! I hope it is something real simple to get him all back to healthy kitty status. Moving is tough no matter how much money you have or don't have, just went through it myself. We have been through some very difficult financial times, and what I have found is that it somehow works out. You may have to put off some things, but the necessities somehow come together.

Sending all my positive energy to Onyx and you. Both of you need an extra boost of strength right now.
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Melissa, sending positive energy your way and to Onyx! I really do wish the best for you in this really difficult time.
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Here's some more positive energy and good thoughts coming from Colorado! I hope Onyx gets to feeling better!
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Here's more from my part of the world Melissa. I am sorry about all your present woes and hope your life gets better soon! Do you still have the hammies?
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Sending kitty prayers up for Onyx, and hoping the vet has a heart! Let us know!
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Well, the Vet can't see him until tomorrow

He seems to be doing a bit better today, last night he growled and yowled constantly. The bite is way down by his toes on his back paw and I'm hoping nothing is broken. He won't put any weight on the paw and is basically hiding out from us today, resting

I'll post tomorrow once I get back, with the verdict. I'm hoping a simple round of antibiotics will clear it up, but this is ONYX we're talking about who never has a 'simple' injury. He usually needs some kind of surgery or mutliple appointments to fix him up.

Oh well, I need to think positive I guess

MA- I only have one hammie now, Kaseys son Frodo. Hes a HUGE boy, with the longest fur I've ever seen on a hamster Hes going to get a hamster ball to run around in soon- i think hes getting a little bored. Thanks for asking :rainbow:
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Melissa, I'm sending up good thoughts and prayers for Onyx...I'm sorry to hear about his fight. I hope his paw is feeling better, and the vet won't find anything else wrong. Let us know.
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Melissa, how is he today? He was in my thoughts all night.
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Well, just got back from the Vet. That stray really did a number on poor Onyx He has three bite wounds-one by his tail, one on his paw and one very close to his spine. The Vet said that no doubt his paw hurts from the bite on it, but the spine bite would also cause a lot of pain in his whole hind end. Thats probably why he was growling so much yesterday.

Thankfully hes still eating well, and no pottie problems. The vet was concerned that he may go off his food since the infection is going to make him lethargic, so i have to make sure he continues to eat.

We've got Amoxil to give him for the next ten days and then we'll see how he is. Thankfully nothing was abcessed or broken, so the bill wasn't too huge Now I guess its just a matter of keeping him comfortable and well loved for the nextr little bit until the meds kick in.

Thanks you guys for your concern and kitty prayers
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I'm glad to hear it wasn't anything too serious, Melissa. Sending up more positive energy for Onyx to heal quickly.
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Glad to hear he is on his way to a speedy recovery
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I'm glad to hear Onyx will be ok!
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Very relieved to hear it was "just" pain and infection. Sending GET WELL SOON love!

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I'm so relieved there were no abcesses. We'll keep up the positive thinking for you!
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Poor Onyx: although I'm glad to hear it wasn't too serious! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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I'm so glad to hear nothing was broken or seriously damaged. He will heal in no time, I am sure....he has such a good "mom" to nurse him back to health.
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