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Thanksgiving dinner at work?

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We are having ours on next Friday! My boss gets it catered from a little restaurant around here called Minnie's. Just good old Southern cooking! I look forward to it every year! It is soo good!!

So when is your Thanksgiving at work?
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Wow! Your lucky to get that! We never had that at my job.... I dont think they cared
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Yeah. My boss is super sweet and very old fashioned in some ways. I can't believes she has it catered in out of her own pocket. She never collects money to do it lke I would. I have a great boss!
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That's nice of your boss.
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The hospital where I work has a thanks giving dinner on thanks giving day for those who are working. It's the only thing served in the cafeteria that day actually, LOL Staff eat free. Sometimes family members come to have dinner with their spouses, and if they do the spouse only pays something like $5.00 for the meal.
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We have a good ol potluck! We're having it the day before Thanksgiving sine no one wants to work that day anyway. It's lots of fun and good food! This year we're doing non-traditional foods like crab dip and scallops! I can't wait! After we eat, we decorate the office for Christmas!
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We don't for Thanksgiving, but for xmas and the end of the financial year my boss takes us all out for dinner or lunch somewhere nice
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We have potluck too, but the Company buys the Honeybaked Hams YUM! Of course, the place is about 95% men, so we get to eat their wives cooking...
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You guys get Thanksgiving at work?????? That would be a really novel idea where I work!
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
You guys get Thanksgiving at work?????? That would be a really novel idea where I work!
The hospital also does a Christmas dinner for us too. Someone has to work on the holidays, and they realize that most would rather be at home having a traditional dinner, so they are decent enough to provide 2 free meals a year for the staff who are working.

I erred about the price for the spouse. I think it's only $2.50 and children under a certain age are free.

Patients and their family and friends get the same reduced price as the spouse.

The best work Christmas dinner I had while nursing was when I was a student nurse. The hospital I went to school at really had a huge feast. Total traditional Ukrainian dinner with cabbage rolls, perogies, ham, turkey etc. It was real turkey too, not that turkey roll stuff. Where I work its not as elaborate and we get turkey roll instead of the real roasted turkey.
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For Christmas, the last day of work before, the whole office does a pot-luck dinner and we all put on a Christmas show with skits, and songs and so on. Nothing for Thanksgiving though!
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I have to work on Thanksgiving, but the company is having lunch catered by Cracker Barrel. YUMMY!
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haha, they do have some stuff here, but those that work nights never get anything.
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My multi-billion dollar international company does NOTHING for us
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