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radio question of the day: 11/09/06

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How many people will be around the Thanksgiving dinner table that you eat at this year?
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Atleast 9 this year! Last year was 8 but with the additon of my gorgeous niece it will be 9!
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20 We have Thanksgiving at my Mom's side of the family
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4 People... 2 Furry Children. It's my first time making Thanksgiving dinner! Wish me luck!
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Hmmm, let's see: Me, my Mom, my Dad, sister, Aunt, Uncle, Grandpa, i don't know if my cousin will be home, so 7 possibly 8
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There will be 13 people and one brand new kitty!
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
4 People... 2 Furry Children. It's my first time making Thanksgiving dinner! Wish me luck!
Good luck!!!
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Zero, I fail at holidays
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Many tables!!! I'm guessing 25-35 people!!!
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We've already celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada, and there were 7 of us this year
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This year I'm going to Alabama with Colin to have Thanksgiving with his family- so far I think it will just be Colin, his mom, his dad, maybe his aunt, and I. / Normally when I spend Thanksgivings with my huge family we have at LEAST 50+people to cook for. That's not even all of my family members lol...
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about 50....we all go out to eat...there is way too many to cook for!
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Hmmm, 2 for sure, me and Dave. No idea on whether the family is making the journey to eat with us. At most 10.
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We should have at least 13 at the table.
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10. Me, DH, Mom, Aunt, 2 cousins, MIL, FIL, best friend and her bf.
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anywhere from 9 -16.
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I think it'll be 8. We go out to eat on Thanksgiving, so it's usually me and DH, his parents, his brother and girlfriend of the time, and his moms parents. It's a nice time. Relaxing and fun! Best of all, no dishes!!!!!!!
I always manage to slip a little turkey in a baggie in my purse for the kitties so they can have a little thanksgiving of their own. I think they expect it every year now!
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Another already done Canadian. There were 8 of us.
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Looks like it might be just me and Brian. Last year we had his best friend and one of my friends come over, but no RSVP's this year.

And Anya of course!
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We had 10!
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Probably just me and Zazzy, she likes to sit at the table Hubby has to work Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I don't know what's up, and right now this minute I don't give a hoot Have to see what everyone else is up to...
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me, hubby & kitters
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Oh gosh! Lemme see... At least 14. And it will be in my Aunt's tiny house! I mean it's seriously one of those old houses you could buy out of a Sears Roebuck and Company catalog in the early 1900s. They found a stamp on it when doing some work in the house. It was originally built, along with the 50 neighbors of theirs, as housing for the railroad workers. Cool little place. Some of us will sit in the living room, others will sit in the dining area....someone may get stuck in the kitchen!
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At least 20....
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Last count I heard was 40. We are using sister's church hall! I signed up to bring the jellied cranberry sauce.
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As Tracy (and others) said, we already had Thanksgiving and there was 10 of us
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Personally, I like having Thanksgiving in October! It's far enough away from Christmas that you really appreciate the turkey dinner at both - and you're not exhausted from Thanksgiving when Christmas rolls around! Exactly what date is the US Thanksgiving?
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It's the fourth Thursday, isn't it? Which would make it the 23rd. (Hmmm...Rob's birthday, so my own personal Thanksgiving, I guess. )
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I think we'll have 35 around the table(s) in Grandma's basement. It's not buffet style either, we all sit down together. It's total chaos, but I love it.
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