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This is great reading all of this!!!!!

Lizza, Your father is a Baptist pastor? We have something in common then, too! My dad wasn't a pastor, but he was a devot member of the Assemblies of God church, and so I also grew up under that strict religious upbringing. Can't say that I regret it though....I am glad they taught me the way they did!!
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I also snap my fingers incorrectly, at least on my right hand. I use the thumb and forefinger! Hey, you get the same result, right?
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I've jsut been reading through the posts in detail (just scanned them yesterday) and I'm gobsmacked to realise that Vader is a girl.

No reason why not - just had a mental picture I suppose . . . unless Chantelle is a boy's name in Canada

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I'm Brenda, I'm 35, and I live with my significant other of 12 years. We will probably get married in another 2 or 3 years, just waiting until he finishes school. Our children have 4 legs and fur, we may eventually adopt a 2 legged child. Faile is our psycho kitty, she was a stray and about 3 months old when we found her last summer. Or should I say, she found us. Molly is the mellow, relaxed cat, she'll be a year old in September.

I teach 6th graders at an urban middle school. I am a Spanish teacher, and I also teach English as a Second Language. Working with immigrant students is very interesting. I learn a lot from them, and I hope they learn a lot from me. Right now I have students from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Chile, and Togo.

I got my Bachelor's in Political Science from Penn State. Such a useful degree. I returned to another state University to get my teaching certification. I plan on continuing work on my Master's next summer, and hope to one day have a PhD.

In my spare time, I love to watch movies. I love almost any type of movie, from chick flicks to sci-fi to action. I also read a lot. I enjoy mystery novels, especially the William Monk series by Anne Perry. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I do watch Buffy and Angel and Trading Spaces. My S/O and I watch a lot of Court TV and Discovery, also BBC America--the shows are much funnier than American sitcoms.

Music is extremely important to me. I sang in 2 choirs at Penn State, and I listen to many kinds of music. I still listen to current music like Godsmack and Linkin Park. My very favorite band is U2, and I have to admit, I am a little fanatic about them.
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I'm a little late on this one, but I wanted to mention that I've got all three of these books, and I really loved them. I don't know if they could take the place of Harry Potter, but they're VERY good. I lent the first book to a friend of mine who I haven't seen all summer...I have GOT to get it back, I have nothing to read!
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Hi Everyone

I am 44 and living in N. Va. I am married to Frank, for almost 3 years. This is my second marriage. I had two wonderful children, both whom are grown. Melissa is graduated from college, married and living in california. Kevin is in his second year at NCSU with a full scholarship for ROTC.

I am retired military, AF. That would be 20 years, 8 months and 6 days for those interested. My career was great, but I am happy that I don't have to wear combat boots again.

Currently, I am a engineer techician and I love tearing about equipment, putting it back together and ensuring it works. I like a screwdriver in my hand. Computers are for documentation and fun. I hate sitting in front of them for 8 hours.

My hobbies include biking (roadie at heart)however, Ihave a road bike and mountain bike (Cannondales), hiking and antiques. I refinish and fix them up. I got allot of cool pieces at auctions while stationed in England.

I have two kitties. Brother and Sister, 4 years old. They are truely spoiled. My husband is a dog person. We don't have any at this time. Our golden retriever had cancer last year and past away in May.

I just moved from Colorado...next to the hayman fire. I love the trees in Virginia and know I will like it.

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So how far north of TO is your cottage and sauna? My parents grew up near Thunder Bay, and I was born there. We still have a property there where our camp used to stand, but all that is left now is the sauna - the most important building! Just wanted to add that Thunder Bay has the highest Finnish population in the world outside of Finland...
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Anyone ever need help with Finnish launguage, contact me, I think I might be able to help, as I am Finnish!

Hi to all in Thunder Bay!
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My cottage is only a mere 2.5 hours north of Toronto....nothing like the hike to Thunder Bay! But I totally agree, the sauna is the MOST important building! When my grandparents came to Canada they worked in the northern lumber camps (South Porcupine / Cochrane)and my mother was also born there.

Also, thank you (kiitos) for the offer to help with the Finnish language.... I may need it in the future when I get more serious into its study!
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Russian Blue,

I want to commend you on two points:

1. You're very courageous to return to school and change careers. Many people stick in dead-end jobs simply because they're familiar.

2. When someone calls you "selfish" for not wanting kids, feel free to use my response: "I'd rather be true to myself and stick to my decision to not have children, than to short-change any kids of mine because I still want to have my own fun; *that* is the true definition of 'selfish.'" (I think anyone who calls you "selfish" for making a decision you have every right to make is jealous of you in some way, for some reason.)

Take care,

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Originally posted by Debby
This is great reading all of this!!!!!

Lizza, Your father is a Baptist pastor?
Debby.... yup and everything they say about Preachers kids is true :angel2:
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I wouldn't say I'm courageous by changing careers, but I believe that extending one's "comfort or familiar" zone can be tough. You can imagine how nervous I'll be on September 16th when I start at the new job and then have to go through the probation period!

Wish me luck!

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Originally posted by Lhezzza

Debby.... yup and everything they say about Preachers kids is true :angel2:
Uh oh!!!! :LOL: :laughing:
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Russian Blue, I agree with Jenk, your neighbors should not be interfering in your life in that manner. At this point, my S/O and I are childless by choice. We may adopt someday, but we may not.

I have often gotten the surprised "Don't you want your own kids!?" and it always annoys me. It seems that some people want everyone else to be just like them. Then they can have someone to complain to about their own kids.
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Re: kids - my husband and I are in the same boat as you, bren. We may or may not, but if so, will adopt. When I told my mom this she said, oh well, maybe your brother will have some kids to carry on your father's bloodlines. Thanks for being so supportive, mom... You'd think she'd be a bit more understanding, with my father being an only child and an orphan. I'm sure if and when the time comes, she'll be a doting grandma, but it hurts to remember that this was her first response.
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Gary & I decided not to have children, either. We are both work-a-holics, and our arguement is that it would be selfish of us to have children! We're too disorganized, keep weird hours, and aren't always financially stable. It wouldn't be fair to a child, although as all of us prove, people can cope with all kinds of situations and environments. But with the earth's population projected to double to 12 billion by 2026, we feel no pressing need to recreate our gene pool. If we change our minds about becoming parents, there are plenty of children in need of a loving home that has a roof and food.

I see all of my friends, most with several children now, and it sure is a rewarding experience to be a parent. I delight in their joy. For now, we're pleased as punch to be "aunt and uncle" to all of them, and cat-parents to our "kids" and the community of ferals and strays around here!
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Hi All-
My name is Carla, I am 39 years young and I live in Wilmington DE with my 6 month old kitty (already!) Jedi, and my boyfriend Mike. I work for an IT company as a Systems Engineer and Mike works for the same company as a Network Engineer. We have been together for 6 years and are planning to be married next year.

I enjoy NASCAR (Jeff Gordon fan of course!) playing with Jedi, photography, decorating, reading, working on my website (currently under construction), watching TV, movies, and bowling.

I am currently studying for my MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification, which takes up alot of my time.

Here are some of my favorite things:

TV Shows=That 70's Show, Friends, ER, Law & Order CI, Law and Order Crime and Punishment, 24

Beer=Yuengling, Molson Canadian, Molson Ice

Beverages= Pepsi, Stewarts Root Beer, Stewarts Cream Soda

Fast Food = pizza, cheesesteaks!

Home Cooked Meals= Lasagna, Chicken Cordon Bleu

Movies= Matrix, Something About Mary, Slingblade, Vanilla Sky

Sports=NASCAR!, football (Vikings, Eagles), hockey (Flyers!), tennis (Andre Agassi!), baseball (Phillies), and yes, I watch bowling on TV (Amleto Monacelli, MaryAnn DiRupo)

Favorite Bands (Modern Rock)= Foo Fighters, Fuel, Puddle of Mudd, Live, Dave Matthews Band

Country= Tim McGraw, Dixie Chicks, Brooks & Dunn, Garth Brooks, Toby Keith

Favorite Ice Cream= Edy's Grand Chocolate, Breyers Cherry Vanilla

Favorite Desserts= cheesecake, banana cream pie, Rita's Mango Gelati!

I guess that's all I can think of to say! Oh, and my favorite website is....THE CATSITE.COM!!!!!!!!!!

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Jeff Gordon!!! So THAT'S it!!!! I was wondering what your user name meant....but I assumed you were 24 years old and your boyfriend's name was Jeff!!! Guess I had that all wrong!! :laughing:
I will try to remember your name, Carla, but I am bad at remembering names! Maybe you could add it at the very bottom of your posts? just a thought!
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Wow Debby, you should be a Detective! I would never have guessed the (Jeff Gordon) connection - I thought the same that Carla was 24 and that either her boyfriend or cats name was Jeff! (he he he)

Yeah, I think it's a good idea to put your name at the end of posts too.

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See, now I'm a NASCAR fan (and no, we're not shouting it, it's supposed to be all caps, stands for National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (I think), like NHL or NFL). I knew right away that she was a NASCAR fan, and a Jeff Gordon fan. Guess it's all in what you are familiar with...
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I figure 24 must be the number of his car, and that is what gave it away to you, because otherwise just Jeffgirl wouldn't have been a clue. :laughing: I guess most NASCAR fans would know his number, but I had no clue!
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Dang girl! Lizza you are just on it with all these threads, from flag rules to Jeff Gordon. I'm impressed!
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My handle is my name Debbie Ann and I am 42 years old. I work in the midwest (NW Ohio) as youth services director (I do all the children's programing, ordering books, dealing with problems in the children's area) in a Library (and it's branchs.
I also have a nursing degree and work per diem @MCO (Medical College of Ohio) in their Medical School's Clincal Skills Lab.

I have one child, who is 16 years old and his name is Steven. I have been married to the same man for almost 21 years (our anniversary is in November) He is an IT Director for a local company; which has 500+ employees..

We have 6 cats....all DSH, except for Mia Sweet Liberty Rose (a pedigree show-quality Siamese)she is 9 months old today!
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My name is Patty, I am 47...almost 48 come this Nov. I have always been blessed with being able to have my furkids. I have had big birds, llamas to puppies and kittys.Oh and 2 monkeys that I was watching, I actualy think they were watching me to see when they could dig from the cage.
I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, I am originaly from Wisc(Madison) bit came to Hawaii when I was 12. So I went back and forth from the mainland to here.
I have two children Juliana who is 19 she still lives with me and tolerates me fairly well. She works but if I whine to her enough maybe she will go back to college. She is a very smart woman and I cant see her doing counter work forever. Andrew is 18. He caused me great pain but hopefully he is growing out of it. He is into judo and will be trying to go to Japan to study and then if the Lord sees fit onto the olyimpics. He too state champ in Hawaii for his weight div.
He works with his sensei and I am very glad.
What do I do? Well I work in domestic violence. I do groups with men who abuse woman, and woman who abuse their male partners. I also do parenting with of these people. I love my work. I am a survivor of domestic violence myself. So is Andrew. Part of Andrew's brain is missing do to the abuse his father did to us while Andrew was a small child. No one told me this until he was 16years old. He just acted out and was so depressed all the time.
So stop by and give me a pieceof your mind. If ever you head to Hawaii you can always bunk at my house. It is off the beaten path. I dont have alot, but what I do I certainly with a new friend!
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That is horrible what Andrew's father did to him, and to you!!! I hope he does make it to the Olympics, it sounds like he is very good in Judo. It is nice to meet you!
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Debby- I will add my name to my siggy...jsut for you!

Valanhb - great, another NASCAR fan! Who's your driver?

Lhezza- nice pic! Woohoo! Jeffie Gordon!!!
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I tried to name my kitty Jeffie but Mike would have no part of that! He's a Dale Jarret fan...but I love him anyway!
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I worked for the DuPont Company here in Delaware for 10 years. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a luncheon with Jeff Gordon a few years ago when he was doing his yearly appearance at DuPont prior to the June Dover race. It was awesome! I got to eat pizza with Jeffie, talk with him and snap a few pics. What a great day for Carla! Here is a pic of me with Jeffie. Oh, and by the way, it was HIS idea for me to put my hand on his chest for the pic! Yummy!

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I'm not much of a NASCAR fan, but I can see why you would be a Jeff Gordon fan.

LDG, My feelings on adoption are similar to yours. Why add to overpopulation? My S/O and I both agree that if, probably when, we adopt, it doesn't have to be an infant. Neither of us is into the diaper changing scene, anyway.
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