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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Wow Gail, your my hero! If you tell me you live in an old renovated farm house or that you have a barn or a pond on your property, I'm gonna die!!!

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Hi I'm "Miss Mew"...I'm 27 years old and live in SW Ontario Canada. Throughout my life I've had many cat "brothers and sisters"...my mom used to rescue stray cats when I was growing up!

Currently it's just myself and my little furbaby Reilly. We are just preparing to begin a big life adventure!. For the past 5 years I have been working with a company at the airport as a Flight Instructor....must say I have enjoyed every moment of it!!!. But it's time to move on...so kitty and I are leaving on Thursday to move to northwestern Ontario where I've taken on a job as a cargo/charter/bush pilot. One good thing is that I will still have internet access, so I intend to continue to post on a regular basis!

For the future, I hope to be married soon..(just waiting on my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years to ask!)..have some kids, more furbabies!!!!...and hopefully live in a place where I can have my own grass landing strip for a backyard! (the John Travolta dream!)

Take care all!
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Wee!!! My name is Cassy and I am 18. I was born June 2, 1987. Hm... I have never known my father (nor do I want to) because he either left or I think my mom told me once he was arrested for robbing a bank? (My mom has HORRIBLE taste in men) My mom got married when I was five to someone she divorced when I was 12 (Yay! WOohoo! *Dances*) He was a jerk as was his whole family, in fact he was the only boy in the family not in jail (and there were like 4 boys) but that is because he is a lazy good fornothing jerk. Step-sister was an annoying spoiled little brat who I am glad to be rid of. HM I have had.... about 21 pets I could call my own, five still with me. Uh.... I am a pretty boring person, mostly just went to school and kept awake. I've read who knows how many books (Used to take out three 300 page or so books a day at the school library and read them by the next day) and I read them in class too when I could get away with it. :P 80% of the time I didnt even pay attention in class, just read a book, and I still have a 3.5 grade average :O Must be some passive like hearing thing. Right now ive got another window open looking for a job but the site my mom told me to go on is stupid. O_O They have no listings in my town for anything which is impossible.
If I could I would get married today, have two kids, four cats, and be a stay at home mom. I am a lazy person and I dont like jobs. They drain me emotionally and mentally. The only job I ever liked was the job I didnt get payed for.... I voulenteered at this privately owned zoo for a summer and (willingly) worked eight in the morning to five pm. Most of my duties were to first chop up the food and put it in the right buckets, and then we go out in the golf cart and clean every cage, refill water, and feed the animals. Oh lets see tehre were.... Lions, tigers, bears, a panther, lemurs, yaks, zebras,bandicoots, a parrot, an orange iguanna, donkeys, ponies, dingos, fancy chickens, pigs, camels, llamas, several different types of goats, ostriches, emus, big red cows with ten foot horns, and my favorites were the wolves. The female was really friendly and would walk up to you with her head down and tail lowered and show her belly to you. She was basically like a really excitable untrained dog. The male though would always hide in the igloo that was their den. He wasnt vicious he just wasnt conditioned to people. Wee some adventures I had there was running away from a the herd of the ten cows with ten foot long horns.... got hit in the head by a post puller and a post. Thought the lion was being friendly and patted its nose only to have it come up and try to nip my fingers. Yeah. Thats the most exciting thing I have done in my life. Oh and I went to mexico like two weeks ago. Cost $1,500 to go and I brought about $230 with me. Yay
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I love this thread. It's good to know who all you people are!

My turn.

My name is Marie and I'm 27. Currently single. I am living in North Bay, Ontario right now but I will be moving to Montreal in a few weeks (I can't wait! North Bay is driving me crazy).
Right now I work as an office assistant. I am going back to University this September to do a B.A. Honours History. Then I'm off to grad school (hopefully) and if all goes well, I'll probably end up as a University professor. I would also love to write books about history. Or if being a historian doesn't work out for me, maybe I'll become a journalist.

As far as hobbies go, I like to watch movies and cartoons. Read.
I am also a political activist (I don't consider that a hobby... it would be a career if only I could find a way to get paid for it! ). I'm not limiting myself to a particular ideology though. I'm very open-minded (and strictly non-violent too).

And of course, I have pets. 2 cats: Joshua and Kinah, a rat: Lissy and a Fish: Mr. Slinky R. Fish (aka Slinky).
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Hi guys!

I'm Courtney and I'm 19 (20th birthday on September 9...make sure ya'll remember that ). I currently live with my boyfriend, Travis of 2 years in Medina, OH. I am mommy of 3 year old Oscar. I am a waitress at Bob Evans currently and planning on attending school next fall so I can get a student loan by myself (my parents wouldn't cosign for me so I couldn't get one). I am going to go to school for Medical Assisting.

I don't know anyone away from TCS yet but I hope to meet some of you at the next NE Ohio lunch!

I enjoy shopping, watching movies and learning to cook FINALLY. I've also just picked up on Nascar this year and you will never know how addicting it is unless you watch it!

Other than that, that's me. Not too much more than that. I'm pretty easy to get to know.

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oh cool thread!

ok, I'm megan. I'm 16 i live in minnesota. I have a boyfriend of 1yr 8 months. I attend highschool at burnsville high school. I have 3 cats Brandie, Baby, and Baylee. I used to have a cat named Bushee she lived to be 19. No job yet though.

I like snowboarding and playing softball. The summer months are bad waiting for snow, but i dont like school so summers ok with me. I also scrapbook :-) My boyfriends mom got me started on it and have helped me buy a ton of stuff i need!
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I don't know how I've missed this thread! Neat idea!
I'm Julianna, I'm 24 yrs old, will be 25 Nov. 12th '05--which makes me a Scorpio! I was born and raised in Vero Beach, Florida. My father is an ophthalmologist who specializes in cataract surgery, my mother is a former special education teacher. My parents were high school sweethearts and they grew up in a small town in southern NJ. I have one sister, Christina, who is 2 years my junior, she is an elementary school teacher, she is living, currently in SC, and she will be married this coming May. I also grew up with a furry "sister", named Katy, which is what began my love of cats. She was a petite tiger-striped gal who was the fifth member of my family until she passed to the RB in October of '03 at the age of 17.
I went to a small private high school, which was pretty much the pits, but I was always very active in theatre at school as well as in the community and also acted a bit professionally during middle school and high school. I went to Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY for my undergrad--I majored in theatre--and there I met Ian, whom I married June 20th of '04. He grew up in Westchester county, NY, and is also involved in the theatre--he makes his living doing technical theatre work (lights, sound, running crew and carpentry) and also is a stage manager. Last August, two months after our wedding, we moved all the way to Chicago, knowing no one here--quite an adventurous way to start our married life! I am attending graduate school at Columbia College Chicago, studying Arts Management, which is the business end of arts organizations. I've started working as a freelance marketing and public relations consultant for small/midsize theatre groups in Chicago and will soon start an internship with a large theatre company which will hopefully lead to a full time job as a marketing associate.
Things I love: all kinds of animals, particularly cats! Books, particularly short story collections or non-fiction works with strong, unique characters. One of my favorite authors recently has been Anita Shreve. I love food and wine and enjoy cooking as well as dining out at one of the many fun and fantastic restaurants here in Chi-town. I love theatre, particularly musical theatre. I love music as well, nearly any type! And, of course, I love my cats!
My cats are Oliver and Emma--Oliver will be 4 this Xmas, I adopted him when he was a tiny kitten from a shelter in upstate NY. He is very affectionate, very vocal, and my best buddy! Emma is a tiny little spitfire we adopted this past March. She is fast becoming a great buddy as well, to myself, my husband, and Oliver!

Well, I think that's about it!
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I'm Katie and I'm 20 years old. I am from Trenton, NJ and have lived in various places in NJ for most of my life. Although I did live in Florida for 5 years. My father was a musician who passed away this year. My mother works at a horse farm and lives in NJ. I have a step dad, Steve, who is a great guy. And I have a 9 year old brother, Lee. I love him to death. He is a really cool kid.

I currently live in Trenton with my boyfriend, Mike. We have been together for over 4 years. I work as a tech at Hamilton Veterinary Hospital. I have 3 cats: Casey Jones (CJ), Lucy and Ethel. They are all still babies.. CJ is 9 months and both Lucy and Ethel are 5 months. I also have a black bear hamster named Peter.

Some of my favorite things: Music -- I love all sorts of music but mainly classic rock and blues. I have a tattoo -- of a Grateful Dead Terrapin (turtle) and want to get more. I like to collect anything that has to do with cats or turtles. I also like to collect Grateful Dead bears... hence my screenname. My favorite color is purple. I love vintage clothing and jewelry.

I would like to go back to school soon but have no idea what I would like to go for. I would love to be able to open my own shelter.. but unfortunately I wouldn't be able to afford a place for myself to live.

I might stick with veterinary medicine and become a registered tech. Next month I get to go to Atlantic City for the ACVC -- the Atlantic City Veterinary Convention. It's neat.. you get to take all sort of classes. A few I am going to take include radiographic tehnique and reading, ECGs, anesthesia, parasitology, etc. I am excited as it counts towards CE credits.

Not very interesting. So I won't make this any longer.

Just want to say that I'm so glad I found this great website.
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Hey, great thread!!

My I-net names Avalon, I even answer by it I was 29 on the 2nd October. I haven't got a b/f at the moment as my latest (5 years together) went to Barcelona to find work in MArch and on the 6th October dissappeared, leaving my and the 8 fab felines to fend for ourselves. So I'm available

I live in the NOrth of Spain, and work as whatever comes my way. I'm in the worst possible place to find work, so I'm thinking of accepting anything and then moving out to a major city. Possible Barcelona, as they have decent animal laws. My ideal would be to work as a translator, at home in pijamas and with all my cats helping out.

My hobbies are videogames, cats, music, movies, the usual. I collect cats (figurines, but with eight real ones at home it's hard to say) and have a tattoo of a cat in a special place

I'm glad I found this place.
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I'm Shannon and I live in Wisconsin. I grew up in the Oconomowoc area and moved to Milwaukee when I was 13, unfortunately I have lived here since. I do want to move back out to a more rural area. I have 7 cats and 2 dogs...(see signature, there's a lot of names!)
I'll be 31 in January. (Aquarius, but my personality is more Capricorn, and I WAS 2 weeks late, which would have put me in the right spot. No wonder I always feel like something is "off" lol...Darn, I shouldn't have stayed in so long! And, I've been late ever since!) I was married at 23, divorced at 26, but hopefully I'll get married again someday! I want to have kids..(human ones, not just furry) I do have a wonderful boyfriend of 9 weeks and it's going spendidly, so maybe it will be him!
I am a veterinary technician full time and I've also owned my own pet sitting business since 1998.
I love camping, photography, landscaping, reading, gardening, music, movies, and of course, animals!
Hmmm...I think that's enough!
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im jessica and i just turned 23 in october i just moved to houston texas in sept to be with my fiance i have one kitty at the moment (which was my birfday present my fiance took me to go adopt her) my fiance is the best and i love him to death. I grew up in oregon mostly portland, troutdale and gresham but i lived in beaverton oregon before moving here to texas it was a big change but i love it here.i miss oregon for its beaches and woods and outdoor stuff that they dont have here.

As i said i have one kitty her name is Kallie she is a DMH calico she is my purrncess and spoiled rotten i have no kids and am currently a full time student getting my degree in mental health. not much but its okay i want to try everything atleast once before i die. one thing i am looking forward to do is skydiving. as for my hobbies other than my kitty and the computer i love to read, workout and go to clubs and dance i love talking on the phone with my family in oregon and go to the movies and out to just about anywhere that isnt home..loo...i hate being home. well thats about it
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My name is Valarie (Val) I am 27 years old Ill be 28 on Dec. 10th! I have been married for ONE WEEK today to my soulmate Charlie. I have three kids of my own Cheyenne 9, Hunter 8, and Nathanael 7, and I also have one stepson Zander 3. I have 3 cats Salem,Isis (brother and sister) and Ailey 2 dogs Missy and Buddy. 2 horse Spencer (think rifle) and Raider. I am a current college student and The Art Institute Online. I like all kids of arts and crafts the messier the better specially if it invols paint!. I like to read books and im curently reading The magicians Nephew to my kids (CS Lewis) I also LOVE video games dosen't matter what its on as long as i can play it lol im selling my house and relocating my family to Minnesota hopefully soon! well i guess thats about it lol
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Wesley (not joe, that is just a joke, sorry to all the ppl i have decieved )
I am thirteen, 14 on dec 9th. I am in 8th grade. I have two barn cats, two dogs, and three chinchillas. I live in the hick state of Kentucky(i do not have an accent ). I am very smart. I do not date. I hate my school, life, and peers. I hate most everything except cats, my friends, this site and the ppl on it of course.

It is great to read about each other this way.
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Hiya I'm Lisa, age 24, and I live in the Boston area. I'm married and have one 5 month old kitten (I just realized today that we've had her for almost 4 weeks ), and hopefully will be able to adopt a second kitten soon. I was hoping for a ragdoll kitten, but my husband doesn't really like the idea of spending $600-800 for a cat.

I am unable to work due to many factors. First of all, I had a knee injury back in July. I tore my mcl, and possibly had a partial meniscus tear (still don't know because I couldn't afford an mri for that). I had a quack doctor who immobilized me for a month, so now I have permanent/recurring osteoarthritis. After months of physical therapy and pain, I can finally stand up and take steps with a crutch! Having a kitty around helps me when I'm lonely or having a bad day.

So what kind of things do I like? I love shopping for clothing and shoes! I also collect cute things, usually from other countries like Japan, Korea, or China. Yes, this includes Hello Kitty memorabilia or anything involving kitties! I'm also a huge fan of asian cinema and animation. Through watching these and listening to cd tutorials, I am working on teaching myself Japanese.

I'm also a long-time health nut! I've been a vegetarian for 13 years, and I love to cook (I do not force that upon the kitten though! She needs her meat!)! Before my injury, I weightlifted with my husband and I just loved it. I cannot wait until I can get back into a routine!

Anyhoo, nice to meet you all!
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I thought I would take part in this thread!

My name is Kristin, I am 31 years old. I live in Austin TX. I just moved here recently from Washington DC. (although I am a native Texan, born and raised in Houston)

I am currently going to Nursing School and work as a nanny part time. I also am an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics. (just the BEST!) You can visit my website at www.marykay.com/kristinlynn if you would like to check it out!

I live with my boyfriend Jordan, and our cat Polly (both are wonderful) Jordan and I met just over a year ago, ONLINE, and met in January. We met again in April right when I got to Texas. At the time, I was moving back to Houston. Jordan landed a WONDERFUL job in Austin in order to be closer to me, and I ended up moving here too.

I LOVE my life, it is hard at times...but very worth it!

I am not shy, so if you have any questions, ASK!

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Well, Hi y'all. I'm actually in Montana, but my roots are in Tennessee, so that accounts for the greeting. I homeschooled until freshman year of highschool, whereupon my parents thrust me in the the melee of cliques, fashion and actual homework. (You get homework in homeschool but its at home... so I don't know if that counts.)

I'm currently 22 years old and a senior in college... I'll be graduating in May with a print journalism degree, but I actually want to get into magazine page design. However, I have a kinda neat idea for a hemp and organic cotton clothing shop, and I'm also interested in cat psychology. (Guess why!) I've studied voice for the past 9 years and majored in vocal performance for a while but I decided I want to have a chance of eating every night.

I live with my significant other of two years and my three fur-kids, Captain, Kanoe and Toulouse. I finally moved to a house where I could have cats earlier this fall. I knew Captain was coming to live with me (He's been my cat since I was 12), and my bf and I knew Kanoe through our work at the animal shelter. Then in September we went back (I was gone over the summer) and I saw this tiny bat-earred kitten. Well, I started to cry (NOT intentionally!) and my guy had no choice but to give in!

I feel very lucky to have the man I do. He's a year away from his master's in control systems engineering (for those of us who are lay-people it means he writes the computer programs that make big machinery work). He's the most understanding man I've ever met and the only one I know who refuses to argue with me. His standard response is "Why are we arguing about this?"

When not catering to the whims of my babies, I like to read (mostly sci-fi and fantasy but I'm getting into more contemporary fiction - like "Sushi for beginners"), quilt, draw, write (mostly lots of poetry) and sing. I have two cd's out with my family... one is a christmas cd and the other is my aunt's "Mothers and Babies" cd for which I recorded a couple of songs. I'm learning guitar as well. I'm also getting into cooking now that I have a "real" kitchen... my favorite meal so far is a chicken fricassee with dumplings, jasmine rice and sauted zuccinni. I'm also into Ballroom dancing and I'll be competing in March. (I'm scared)

As far as work goes... I work part time at the student newspaper at my university and also as a HTML web coder for a journalism institute in San Francisco. I'm struggling with the idea that maybe I don't want to do what I went to school for, but rather something related or completely off-the-wall.

It is so cool to read about all of you and what you do in your off-line lives!
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I had to update this, remind me not to write about boyfriends that may disappear, in my bios! hehe....
I'm Shannon and I live in Wisconsin. I grew up in the Oconomowoc area and moved to Milwaukee when I was 13, unfortunately I have lived here since. I do want to move back out to a more rural area, and I would LOVE to have a mini farm. I have 7 cats and 2 dogs.
I'll be 31 in January. (Aquarius, but my personality is more Capricorn, and I WAS 2 weeks late, which would have put me in the right spot. No wonder I always feel like something is "off" lol...Darn, I shouldn't have stayed in so long! And, I've been late ever since!) I was married at 23, divorced at 26, but hopefully I'll get married again someday! I want to have kids..(human ones, not just furry)
I am a veterinary technician full time and I've also owned my own pet sitting business since 1998.
I love camping, fishing, photography, landscaping, reading, gardening, music, movies, Harley rides, and of course, animals! And right now it also includes a lot of "finding myself" again, and redecorating my kitchen...help please!
My dream animals, aside from the norm, include a Bobcat, a skunk, and a fainting goat (lol).
Hmmm...I think that's enough!
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I have been here all this time and didn't realize this was even here!!

My name is Brandi and I am 21 years old. I live in Cataula (pronounce catalla not catoola! )Georgia and and the proud mommy to Phenom. I like to read, watch tv, go to the race track, shop, and watch movies. I hope to have a baby within the next 6 years and be married and have more kittens too!
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My name is Trista I am 18 years old.

I grew up in a small town where you're lucky if you have a social life. I'm too different for really anybody to like so I pretty much am an outsider in high school but I'd rather be hated for who I am as opposed to being liked for who I'm not.

I volunteer at the Champaign County Humane Society. I've met some really great people there like the foster moms and those who come only because they can't have animals where they live. I enjoy helping out, I've been able to get a ton of people to adopt some cats who have been in the shelter for way too long.

I adopted all of my 3 from the humane society, but the one who lives with me is Jack Daniels and he is my baby.

During my free time when I'm not volunteering I like to play my bass guitar or come online. Music is my life I'd go nuts without it.

This summer I plan to go see my best friend in Canada, this will be the first time we met in person and watch for pictures because I plan on posting some!
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Wow someone did some digging for this one!

My name is, uh, Katie and I am 28 years old. I just got divorced last year, but my ex and I are still friendly, we just weren't meant to be married I love cats, duh, don't we all and dogs and anything furry! I like to read, go to the movies, go dancing, go out to eat (unfortunately) and I am watch waaaay too much TV. My friends already think I'm the crazy cat lady, especially because I take in sick kitties, FeLV+, but they need love too!
I am a technical biller, sounds much fancier than it is, and I also work at a restaurant on the weekends. I really do like my jobs! I plan on going back to college in the fall for psychology.
I am very close to my family, don't know what I would do without them I'm a pretty boring person, but I like it that way!
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My name is Farrah. I'm 28 and running (quickly) away from 30!! I work at a retirement center in Asheville as a dining room manager. I am a certified dietary manager/certified food protection professional with focus on geriatric nutrition which means I do medical charting and consultations regarding diets, diet modifications, and nutritional therapy. I have been here for 10 years.
I am from TN, moved here (NC) right after graduating high school. I am divorced (as of 2/28/06--only took 2 years) from a 7-year marriage. I have no children and looks like I never will . I have two kitty-kids.
I love to ride my dirtbike (got rid of my streetbike b/c I'm getting too scared to ride d/t too many of my friends having accidents). In my spare time I like to read, LOVE crossword puzzles, crafts, shopping, drag racing, and cooking/baking is my passion.

I have no family here, left them all in TN (except for a cousin that is newly living in Scotland).
That's about it. Enough, huh?!
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I thought I would add my bio to the thread.

I am graduating from Appalachian State University on Sunday, May 7th. I am very excited about that. I am a Broadcasting Major and an Art minor (simply because I love art and wanted a creative outlet). I was the Sales Director and Station Manager over the last two years at my college's radio station. In the past I have had cats, dogs, guinea pig, gerbils, fish, and hampsters and a horse. Right now I am without animals though because I am about to be moving to Leesburg, VA. In Leesburg I will be persuing my passion of horseback riding professionally and competetively. I do have Olympic goals, and although two months ago I would have been afraid to say that, I am now making myself say it outloud because I think it is an important part of achieving goals. But, this means a lot of work for me - the job I am taking is 12 hours a day, 6 days a week - doing all that I love so it is worth it!

I came here hopeing to get some information on cat ownership because I have never truly owned anything (my parents always helped in the past) so I wanted to make sure I cover all my bases. I do not plan on bringing a cat home right away, I want to settle into my new lifestyle to make sure a cat (or two ) would fit first. In the meantime I am hopeing to volunteer my spare time with an animal rescue.

I have three special pets that have been in my life (though all my animals have been wonderful, these three have impacted me greatly. Pax, my horse when I was younger. I only had him for a few years, he and I were a team. I hope in the future to buy him back and retire him - but he is already 22 and I do not see a time in the near future when I would be able to support him. Riley, is a dog I raised from a puppy. I adopted him through petsmart. Actually, I almost did not see him until the second time I came through. He was in timeout because he would not share his toys. It was an instant love. He fell asleep in my lap on the way home. We've spent many years of happiness together and he will be remaining with my family because they love him so much. I don't like the idea of sharing him, but he loves my family and so he will stay with them. Boomer, is the most special of specials. He was a stray cat who adopted me many years ago. Although he was scared of people, he became my lap-cat. In the winter months when it was cold, I would sit outside with him and warm his paws. On the really bad nights my mom let me bring him inside where he slept on my chest - drooling. It was love. A couple years ago he disappeared. I know in my heart he is waiting for me across the bridge for me. Any animal I rescue in the future will be in memory of Boomer.

Well, that is me and a few of my pets in a nutshell.
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Wow, I'm a little behind on this!
My name is Atticus, I'm named after Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, which happens to be one of my favourite books. I'm fourteen, which kind of sucks because not that many people take me seriously. I love reading, biking, snowboarding, cats!, TCS, photography, and many other things. I'm not that interesting, so that's about it.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
I've also completed one novel, but didn't like how it turned out so I am going to completely re-vamp it. I also have at least two other novels floating around in my head, but haven't taken the time to get back into writing.
Well done! Good luck with the revamp - between work and my MA I haven't written in months, so I understand how life gets in the way - hopefully we will both get back to it soon.
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Originally Posted by sockiesmom
Well, my name is Jenn and I am 16 years old. I will be starting grade 11 this September and I hope to go to university and become a nurse in the future. After I finish with my education, I would like to raise some "therapy pets" to help people in hospitals and other institutions.
I have a dog, Skipper, and a cat, Socks. I got Socks when I was 8 years old and could not imagine life without a cat. I'd like more, but my dad is allergic and so I can't.
I really enjoy music. I'm attempting to teach myself acoustic guitar (I can do the scales, so far, lol). My favorite bands include Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, and Bon Jovi. Another of my hobbies includes painting. I really enjoy painting animals on rocks, and painting scenes of our cottage up in Northern Ontario.
I'm a boring person and that's about it, heh.
You're not boring, you're 16! It takes time to build up life experience - having had loads of adventures at your age would not be a good thing - anyway, college is just around the corner, and you'll have lots of chances to have stories to tell.
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Originally Posted by BodLover
I'm Rhea... and I'm an alcoholic.. :LOL: JUST JOKING!! :LOL:, sorry,... anyway, I'm 20 and have been married for just over 2 years. My husband and I share our home with 7 kitties and I'm sure plenty more furry friends will be added to the family soon (we can't help ourselves!!) I used to live on the South east coast of the UK, but since I married, I had to move to the Midlands where hubby's work is, I still get homesick, but am getting used to it.
I work as a Receptionist, and as Heidi said, its not my dream job, but it pays the bills I am also studying Interior Design and hope to be qualified within (at the longest) the next 2 years.
We have recently moved house, so at the moment all my spare time is taken up with that! Some serious re-modelling being done! But when I'm not decorating, I'm mad on classic Lit and reading, I do a little cross stitch now and then but also LOVE to paint and draw - and ocasionally attempt to play my violin....:laughing:
Wrong forum!

Maybe try "I'm Rhea... and I'm an catalcoholic" - then we could chorus,

"Hi Rhea!"
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Originally Posted by Nathalie
Enough about you, let's talk about me. (ha ha, just kidding!!!!!!!)I'm 16 and anxiously awaiting December 6 so I can have friends in the car when I drive...not that I even have a car, but whatever.
Hey, it's important to have goals.
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Ok, it took me a while to figure out that this thread started in 2002 - so the 16 y/os aren't sixteen any more!

Anyway, I'm Satai (not my real name, but I'm a little shy sometimes). One of my nicknames is Misha, so you can use that if you like.

I'm 26, I'm an egomaniac, I'm nearly finished with my MA - hopefully I will be able to start my PhD in September. I write books for fun, and hope to sell one one day, though I don't really care if they sell well or not - I would've written anyway, afterall!

I like this thread, though I haven't read it all yet, and I like to see how much we all have in common.

I have four cats - Molly, Bobby, Slayer and Sláine. I'm currently really worried about Bobby, as he's stayed out way to late tonight - his curfew is 8pm!

I take ballet classes and cello lessons and hope to start back on my Tae Kwon Do and writing soon.
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Hooo HA!

Alright so, I'm Leah. I am 22 years old. I have a 2 year old daughter, and I live with her father whom is also my boyfriend (brandon). We've been together for 4 years. Love is crazy.

-I work alot. Sometimes 16 hours a day. So when I get a chance to go out and have some fun, I usually end up having ALOT of fun. Just to make up for all the nights I dont get to go out.

-Honestly, I dont have many friends. I have my boyfriend, and him and I share a couple of mutual friends that go everywhere with us. I used to have my own friends, but they kind of fell off of the face of the earth. Dont know.
One of our best friends lives with us.

-I care too much. I worry too much. But most times, it all works out for the better when I do both worry and care.

-I love fireworks, gardens, small puppies, Corona, Long Island Ice Tea, accessories(bracelets, earrings, necklaces), cute socks, Anything Pink or Sparkly, Sunshine, my computer, Subway, flip-flops, brushes, smoothie makers, clean laundry, office supplies, silk blankets, showering, sleeping, Marlboro lights, talking to my mom, dancing, singing, vacuuming, the shampoo & conditioner Isle, the smell of Hugo for men, Summer, walking with my head high(looks way hotter), jeans, pink candles, being in pictures, and Los Angeles.

-I lost my dad when I was 16, kind of screwed me up a little bit, and I became quite a drinker. Brandon came to my rescue when I was 18, we became best friends, and then we decided to be together. I moved in with him shortly after, and was pregnant a couple weeks after moving in. (go figure )

-I have alot of dreams that have yet to be fullfilled. I want/need (whatever you want to call it) to go to school. I would like to buy a house in the very near future, and that's putting alot of stress on me. I'd like to have a career where I can know me and my family are stabilized for the rest of our lives. That would mean the world to me.

-I really would like to live in Los Angeles, or a town outside of L.A. but, I am afraid of terrorists making that the next spot for something big to happen. Scares the heck out of me.

-I honestly dont think my mother raised me right. I dont think she supported me with anything, and that bothers me. Every time I wanted to do something (whether it was a job, friends, something to do, life choices), she never really cared much. And I hope that I can support my child through whatever it is she has dreams to do.

-I'm not shy. I'm afraid of the dark. I'm afraid of being alone. I love myself. I think I'm cute. I think I reproduce cute childeren too. A pink Mustang is my dream car.

-I'm not in any type of classes, or recreational activities, and I dont play any music, or write any books. I'm a regular fun-loving, out-going, chic. I've got my job, my house, (and TCS of course ) that take up 90% of my time. The other 10 percent is spent shopping or going out for some fun.

-I love summer the best. Sunshiny days rock my world. Too bad Wisconsin has so many cold months.

-I have the oppurtunity to live in florida. In a house, of my own. With my boyfriend and my daughter. No cost, no strings attached. (his family offered to buy us a house). BUT I would miss my mother way too much. And that's the ONLY reason I dont live in Florida right now. Well there is one other reason, the hurricanes, but that can be delt with better.

-I am a beginner cook, I know nothing about cooking, so I'm starting off slow. It's going alright.

-I forget fast. Like "dori". For real. I'm thinking school might help me become more knowlegable, and less likely to forget stuff. I just really dont have time for school at the moment.

-I have Mushi, & Kipper. And a snapping turtle "spike". When we have a house, I will also have a puppy.

WELL-that's all for know. It's all I can really think of. Thanks
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