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I don't know when this was started but here is mine.
I am 47 married almost 30 years July 21.
I have 2 son's and 6 geandchildern,5 Siamese cats.
I work in a nursing home, in housekeeping.
My hobbies are my cats & grandchildern, gardening, reading,making necklaces.
My hubby spent 9 years in the army,we have lived in Gremary,Texas,KY,LA
Well that is about it
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Hey Sherral! It's interesting - a number of members seem to work in Nursing Homes. Several members have lived in Germany, too.

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I loved Gremany,it was a beautful county.Ia;so like working in a nursing home,except when I get to close to a resdent,and they pass away.Thata happened a couple of times.
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Shell, Laurie is right, no one is boring.

Laurie, I don't blame you for not wanting to change your lives so dramatically. You might get more prestige and money, but might lose in quality of life. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. Going on the road sounds like fun to me.

I just started more coursework toward my master's degree, at Penn State. I currently teach English as a Second Language, but PA doesn't have a teaching certification in ESL. The only state that doesn't Now, we have to take some course, and I suppose one day there will be a certification program in our colleges. My first 4 classes are all about ESL, linguistics, and how to teach English to non-English speakers.

I plan to enroll in the Master's program in Teaching and Curriculum, and continue after these 4 classes. I am transferring some credits from another school, so I hope to be halfway there by the end of the year.

My end goal is to get a PhD in Education, with a concentration in ESL. I hope by the time I am done that PA will have an ESL certification, then I can teach at a college. I am very happy, I always wanted to continue schooling, but wasn't sure what to concentrate on. This kind of fell in my lap, so I'm going to see what happens.
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Or you can call me Pat.

I am 55 and married. I have 2 children, boy and girl, grown. 3 step-children, a set of identical twin boys, only 10 yrs younger then myself, and a stepdaughter. We have 8 grandchildren.

We are fairly new proud parents of Jumanji's Mystifyant of Gateway, a beautiful marbled Bengal who just retired from show at the age of 2 1/2 and we were allowed to adopt her for FREE providing we had her spayed. She is one of the most lovable cats I have ever known. She is our first house cat, my hubby of 16 yrs. said we would never have an indoor cat, now he just loves her. We call her Mysti. She has more of a dog attitude and loves to play fetch.

I will be adding pictures of her to our website soon. We no longer have the chihuahuas we show on the site, as they do not like traveling and we have semi-retired and FULL time R.V. now. My friend Shirley has the 2 chi's. Yep, sold our farm and bought a new R.V. and are foot loose and fancy free.

I would like to share my webpage with you, no advertiseing there, and if you go please tell us you are from the board here when you click on sign my guestbook on the bottom left side of the first column first page. You can see our photos there with both our older R.V. that we bought new 3 yrs. ago and our new one we got this year.

The website is: http://patshirrell.tripod.com/theshirrellspersonalsite/ I need to add a lot of new pics so check back in from time to time. The photos take a bit to load especailly on friends and family page.

I love people and love making new friends so jump right in and get to know me.

We are currently Workamping at a new R.V. Park in Missouri part time. I work the office and sometimes park customers with use of the golf cart. Hubby works out doors and parks most of the customers.

Thanks for listening.
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Hi everyone,
My name is actually Candice. I have been a member her for awhile but never saw this thread. I do a lot of reading, and have learned so much from this site.

More about me...
I am 22 and finishing my last two months of my undergraduae psychology degree. I have interests in many areas so I'm not quite sure what I will be doing as a career. I will be doing some sport psychology consulting work this summer and fall for a figure skating club, so we'll see where that goes.

I have two cats that I love dearly. Max is a cream tabby, Sydney is a calico/tortie cross. They are both very unique and wonderful companions. I also have a golden retriever, Taz, 5 chinchillas (soon to be 6), Diego, Santos, Hazel, Anya and Zoya, two fish, Jack and Blue and a fiddler crab. So yes, I have quite the zoo.

My passions are the quest for knowledge and web design. In October, I opened a forum for pet owners. While not completely restricted to Canadians, it's primary function is to bring Canadian pet owners together. You all can check it out at http://www.pets-on-the-net.com/forums.

There are pictures floating around here of my cats, but I will hopefully get around to uplaoding some more for you all to see.
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Hi! My name is Anna and I'm new here, but have been looking for a nice cat forum for a while =) I'm 23 years old, a 5th year college student (graduating in may) from the fun fun state of pennsylvania. I am a health and art class away from a BS in Marketing/Advertising. I mainly want to end up working in either research or product development but will be satisfied with any businessy type job.

I got engaged last summer to a great guy but we have no definate wedding plans as we are both trying to decide what we're gonna do or even live this time next year so we're trying to work that out first.

Three of my cats have died in the last 2 years leaving me with none, but then a little kitty showed up just a few weeks ago to keep me company. I call him roxy gogo but other people have taken to calling him "junior" because he is supposedly the son of an old stray/feral we adopted who we named Fifi (struck and killed by a car this christmas eve).

I enjoy collecting barbies and have a huge collection of the 80s care bears. I also like fantasy novels, business magazines, hiking, horseback riding, biking, dancing, and precious moments collecting. Oh yeah, I love BMWs but just bought a dodge (my second love)

I hope to meet all u intersting people soon
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OMG Anna - you collect Barbies???? I do too!!! Well, I have had to get out of it for the past couple years because finances wouldn't allow it, but I still have many. What lines do you collect? Do you collect pink box or the Collector's and Limited Editions? I mainly collect the higher end ones, hence why I had to give it up when money got tight.
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To all the new contributors, thanks for sharing!!

I hated Barbie when I was growing up. I never had dolls, only race cars! Ultimate tomboy. My sister on the other hand loves dolls and still collects the higher end ones. I am the exact opposite of her!

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Hi my name is Cathi but all of my friends call me Blondiecat. I am 40 and a newelywed. My Hubby and I got married last October 2002. Wow time sure does fly.

We have 2 cats, A black Manx Sammycat and a striped American Shorthair named Oscar. We also have 2 dogs. Ceasar a Minature Pinscher and Nemo a Husky mix.

We love all of our babies since I am unable to have children anymore they have taken the place of where a child would be in our lives.

I do have a daughter who is 25 and I have 5 Grandchildren, Taylor, Staci, Brittany, Hope and BJ the only boy (yeah we finally have a boy in the family).

Anywho, I am glad I found this site it is great!
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hi, my name is Anna, and i'm 21. i have 2 kitties, Charli and Mickey they are both almost 2 years old they are my wittle babies!

i am currently a university student studying a bachelor of science in digital media. i want to get into computer graphics, hopefully for the film industry, i recon it would be so cool to make all those special effects!

i live in perth, western australia at the moment,i have been here for almost 3 years now, before this i have lived in auckland and dunedin in new zealand, and also hong kong. so i have lived in alot of places!! i came to australia to live near my bf of 4 and a half years whom i met off the internet when i was 14!

as i don't have any family in this country my fur babies are my family! and its great theres a site such as this where i can share my love for kitties!
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OKAY! Edited this because it made me sound dorky!

I'm going to post a new reply.. wont be long..
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Whitby eh? I have some friends who live near Whitby - used to house sit at their place.
Third form - do the older kids call you turd? LOL>
Sam - just curious, do you have any maori in you? My dad's side is from the Ngati Kahungunu tribe.

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I am married to a pastor,I have 2 sons and 6 grandchildern,I have 5 Siamese cats,I will be married 30 years on July 21,2003,I own my house,no banks anymore!! (THANK GOD)My hobbies are the cat site,reading,making necklaces,collecting picture frames,and putting pictures of my cats and grandchilden in them. I am shy.I hate snow and cold,and yes I live in New York State!
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Looking at that picture I do look kinda dark though..
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You look cute Sam - a true blue kiwi!
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Thanks Kellye

If only the boy I like thought that .. LOL

Kiwi's all the way and even ones misplaced in the U.S

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My name is Joyce. I celebrated my second 20th birthday last fall.

I was widowed in March 2001. I have no children. My personal motto, "Some people have kids, I have cats." I left my job as an Information Systems Manager last August to return to univeristy to finish my BS degree in Comupter Information Systems. I anticipate graduating in May 2005.

I share my home with 3 purr-babies, Dottie (16yo), Bleu, (14yo), and 7mo Penny.
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Hi to all of you and thank you for sharing . I was laughing and crying with you all . I am glad I found this wonderfull site , everybody is so caring and loving .
My Name is Hedi , I am German and I am 45 years old . That explane hopefully my incorect spellings . My husband were 25 years in the military and is retired . Now he is a Police Officer . What a change . As you can guess we med in Germany at a friends house we both new . It was LOVE at first sight for me . We married a year later in 1990 and in September 1992 we had to move to Georgia . I have a son and he is 15 years old . I am mostly a houswife and have 2 cleaning jobs , I do want to be at home when my son come home frome school .I brought from Germany a persian cat named Samy . WE had to put him down after he had a 2nd stroke last spring , Samy was 15 years old . In these 11 years living here I adaptet cats from shelter , rescued cats and dogs .... I do have 3 rescue dogs . But in all I have 15 indoor cats and 5 outdoor cats . May I also say that all of my animals are rotten spoiled , and they are all my baby's to me . I also made my husband a catlover in these 11 years . I enjoy doing canvas , neddle and crochee when I have time . Most I like doing is crocheeing little blankets for my cats . hehehe am I crazy or what ? My hubby like to do wood working , hubby and my son build for the cats a house ( you can see @ new kitten on block ) . Right now they are building a porch to the cathouse and a better roof , it was raining in there . That way we can sit out there with all our kitties and have fun . Oh I almost forgot , I like watching cartoons . Oh well , I guess I am a little kid insite of me . And I hope you all don't mind me saying that but I go to a Baptist Church and I am a child of God . I guess that's it .
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Hello ppl, my name is Kate and I stay in Singapore..really far from u guys... I'm currently working in a haelthcare company as a data analyst assistant....i've got two babies...one is meow meow and the other one is boy boy...i enjoy hanging around coffee places..reading books, novels and of course spending time with my babies...
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Hi my name is Laura im 26 years old i live in New Jersey. I am a MAssage Therapist . I graduated in june . I work for a Chirpractor and a Spa. I love My job. I have a cat named Wendy she is Blk And White She is my little baby. I gave a bf named doug he i a wonderful person .
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What a neat thread. I have scanned through it, stopping here and there to read in depth, so I have a bunch more reading to do, but what a bunch of interesting, neat folks live here!

My name is Fran and I'm mid-50s. I share my life with Rob, who is a little older, and has a son from a previous marriage, also Rob. Our home is ruled by Suzy, a 4 year old grey tabby and white; Cindy, a 2 year old tortie; and her litter mate Fawn, a 2 year old blond hellion. OOPS, that doesn't tell you much about her, does it? We think there may be some Tonkinese in her background, given the descriptions we've encountered of that breed, but she is by no means purebred. She is, however, a delight. There are pictures of all of them in various threads. They are our kids.

I grew up in Montreal and came to Vancouver in 1974. Most of my family is still east of Manitoba, my brother in Montreal, his kids (who are sorta like mine) in the Toronto area. My Mum passed away in 1988 and Dad came west in 1991. He was not quite 80 at that point. It was pretty spunky to make that move at that age, but he wanted to get away from the Montreal winters. He's 91 now and still going strong.

Rob's immediate family -- with the exception of his son -- are all on Vancouver Island. Jr is in town, so we see a fair bit of him, and we see Rob's Mum and sisters every month or two.

I work at a small theological college, where I am responsible for the keeping of student records -- student body under 200, of whom just over 100 are on campus.

My interests are: music -- listening and performing (choral); food and drink -- preparing and consuming -- love to play in the kitchen; reading -- mostly fiction; someday I may do some serious writing -- for now it's limited to the odd poem that demands expression. Oh, and cats -- did I mention cats?

I grew up with dogs, and would have had one when I got the first place where I could reasonably have a pet, except that my lifestyle was completely wrong for a dog. So I sought a critter with whom I could have the kind of relationship I wanted, who could stand the lifestyle. Enter cats, and I can't imagine my life without at least one now.

I have not travelled, to speak of, or done anything exotic or extraordinary with my life, but I'm basically a contented person. Perhaps, when we retire, which is still a few years away, we'll think about a little travel, but essentially we're homebodies. We really enjoy being in our home with time on our hands.
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Hi, everyone;

This is a wonderful thread - I have read much of it, and will go back through what I have missed.

My name is Susan (which was taken as a username already; hence, the username Suzy) - I am 34 years old and live in Minnesota. I found this forum after adopting a wonderful stray cat named Simba about a month ago. If any gibberish shows up in any of my posts, it is probably due to the fact that Simba likes to walk across the keyboard while I'm typing.

My husband and I also have 2 big dogs and an aquarium. Everybody's adjusted remarkably fast to Simba showing up so unexpectedly in our lives.

Stuff about me:

I have an undergraduate degree and work as a programmer (I'm kind of a math geek). I would like to someday pursue a graduate degree in statistics.

I am a recovering alcoholic, sober for 9+ years.

I like reading anything and everything - I read the latest Harry Potter the day it came out! I also love to sew, and sometimes delve into other crafts like cross-stitch. I love movies, and (this is a little embarassing to admit) I am a junkie of mags like People, Us, Entertainment Weekly, etc.

I have lost 25 pounds in the last 3 months on the Atkins diet, and have 20 more to go.

I especially love animals of all kinds (even this cat that is biting my hand as I type - he thinks we're playing a game...) We tend to be homebodies also - just like hanging out with the dogs & cat. It's a quiet life, but a good and fulfilling one.
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This is a wonderful thread. I added a mini bio in the Witches thread, but I'll try to add more here.

My real name is Jeniffer, I go by Jeni or Jen. I'm 23 years old, though, truly I feel older. Currently, I live in Central California, with my fiance, Rob, who is 4 years my elder.

I am a writer, a poet, a web and graphic designer. I am a practicing Witch, and proud of it. I am extremely open-minded, and do my best keeping so. I accept all forms and all ways of life. I believe that each and everyone of us, is unique and we deserve to be looked upon as equals, no discrimination against anyone.

I am currently a member of Pagans Against Animal Neglect, where I am hoping to soon become a Representative for Central California.

Ashley, my 11 year old grey furbaby, is also my familiar, soulmate, and the child I can never have, as I am unable to have children. She was a birthday present, my 12th year, and we have a bond that cannot be broken.

I was also born with a rare disease called West's Syndrom (which includes Infantile Spasms and Hypsarrythmia(?)) Though I am no longer affected by this exact disease, I am the 3rd older survivor in the World, who has not died or become a vegetable from this disease. I am telling you about this, as it is who I am. I still have some lingering after affects though from this.

I never finished College, as a previous marriage denied me that luxuary. Though I was going for a double major in Accounting and Computer Science. One day, when I'm back on my feet financially, I will be going back to school, as learning is something I have always enjoyed.

At a loss of words right now, but if I think of something else to say, I will edit this post.

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Originally posted by Yzma
I practice reiki.

My dad was a 2nd degree reiki. Isn't it fascinating?
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What is reiki ???
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hi everyone, my name is carolyn and i live in southeastern ohio and have all my life, im 44 yrs. old and have been married for 14 yrs. i have 2 step children, mike and Kathy and 2 stepgrandchildren, Tyler and Siera, we also share 2 furbabies, blackie and stripey, i work at the Gen Mills plant making pizzas and pizza rolls and pancakes, and lots of them, have been there for 21yrs. my hobbies are helping stray animals in any way i can, and posting here at the site i dont have much time for anything elese for i also care for my parents and i am also the 3rd child of the 3 of us, i have a brother Roger who lives in PA. and a sister about 30 miles from me. thats about it.
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Hi, my name is Hope. I'm a native Californian, born in San Diego, but I've lived in Los Angeles, since 1985. I just hit the big 4-0 in May, but feel like I'm only about 18. I have been married twice, but have never had any children, except for my cats and dog.

I was born of the Jewish faith, but I feel more like a Wiccan or a Pegan at heart. I've also delved into Buddahism.

I love all animals, especially horses and cats, and I have 3 cats: Two Siamese, and now, my new Bangel. My one Siamese cat Snoopy is almost 18 years old, I've had him almost all of my adult life. Snoopy is the real LOVE of my life. I also have a little Pomeranian dog.

I am an avid Kiss fan, and of course am totally in LOVE with Paul Stanley of Kiss. I also like a lot of other rock groups like Metallica, Great White, L.A. Guns, Poison, Cinderella and even some of Bon Jovi's music.

I work as a tele-receptionist, which is a glorified telephone operator. I do get to talk to a lot of famous show biz people in my job, but I still don't really enjoy it. I'm much to creative for the kind of work I do.

I enjoy reading, and collecting movies on DVD, as well as creating computer graphics, and working on my website. In fact I've even gotten some free-lance web site building jobs, because of Hope's Paul Stanley Page.
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Hello my name is Henry and I'm a cataholic.

Well lets see, I'm 45 years old single father of two cats (Evul Push and Oscar) and one son Josh (Human type male). Though I don't think I can claim that anymore now that he is 21 years old. Still, like my cats he will always be my baby.

I'm retired Air Force and spend my time Writing, Reading and building desktop models for people. I consider myself a comic genius as well as a philosopher. I am deeply spiritual and have a new age slant on the world. I like to talk about just anything really. But my favorite thing is making people laugh. Rather then just ramble on here, I'll just invite everyone to just say hi!

Hankules "Please Mr. Postman" Wayne
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
What is reiki ???
visit this:
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