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Originally posted by adymarie
Bunn - you are coming to Canada! When? Where in Canada? Let me know if it is near me I need time to escape (j/k). If you will be near Toronto I want to meet the kitty army commander!
Poor,poor naive Adrienne!! You know you don't go meeting "army commanders" at the drop of a hat!!

I'll have to accompany you just to make sure no Canadians are hurt in Darth Bunn's Canadian Invasion. And I'm bringing my stungun!!

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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
What planet is home to you? Where is the kitty army? Ve haf vays to make you talk------You haf relatifs in the US??

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Originally posted by Kyttin
We don't have any kids yet but soon we hope. Have been trying for 2 years now without much success.

I have 5 cats, Ninja Su, Scooter, Pokemon, Tomas, and Belle. I love them dearly and would be lost without them.

I have also been trying without luck for over 3 years now - I've been married for 6 years.

I also have 5 cats and love horseback riding - it seems we have a lot in common!
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Originally posted by Russian Blue

I'll have to accompany you just to make sure no Canadians are hurt in Darth Bunn's Canadian Invasion. And I'm bringing my stungun!!

Good idea! We'll be the "welcoming commitee" - I think the stun guns will make a nice statement!
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Originally posted by adymarie

Good idea! We'll be the "welcoming commitee" - I think the stun guns will make a nice statement!


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There was a young Brit, name of BuNN,
Who managed an army-for fun!
But his plan was to fail
And poor BuNN had to bail,
When BuNN's buns met the ladies' stun gun!
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Brilliant Jeanie!
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I couldn't resist!
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Good one Jeanie! You certainly showed that naughty Darth BuNn!
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This is a very interesting thread! I am 52 and divorced. I live with my two kitties. I work full time as a social worker and graduated from Indiana University.

I too like to read true crime, but with so many true crime TV shows, it has gotten easier to watch them on TV. I love to read non-fiction, such as self help books and collect cookbooks.

I am also a movie buff.

I am on the board of a local organization for people with Disabilities and we have opened an volunteer "Independent Living Center" and are trying to get state funding.

I also belong to an international women's service organization-Pilot International. I have made many wonderful friends from being in Pilot.

I belong to two other forums and am a moderator on one of them.

I have really enjoyed this forum in the short time I have been here-a great place for cat lovers from around the world to meet and share.
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You are quite the contributor to the human spirit!! From your short biography you sound like a very kind soul.

Thanks for contributing and hope you enjoy your stay here in this little corner of cyberspace!

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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
There was a young Brit, name of BuNN,
Who managed an army-for fun!
But his plan was to fail
And poor BuNN had to bail,
When BuNN's buns met the ladies' stun gun!

High five Jeanie!!!

His "buns" are going to be toast!

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For the kind words. I feel right at home here in Kittyspace!
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Hi! Nice to "know" you all! I'm so glad you're here - it's been fun having so many new members to catch up with!!!

And Jeanie - you're wicked!
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Adymarie- yes it does seem that we have some things in common. How cool

As far as children are concerned. I believe that eventually we will have children when God is ready for us to have them. We are trying to stay positive and wait apon the Lord.

Much luck to you and stay positive.

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I agree - when it is time it will happen.
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Kyttin and Adrienne, I had tried for 15 months, taking my temperature before getting out of bed, etc., before I got pregnant. There was no particular reason except stress, which did cause some weightloss. But I did get pregnant!--four times, thin or not. I think God has certain babies in mind for us. Perhaps they need us most.
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Man, I jumped on this bandwagon late!

My name is Ryan Dawson, and I have heard every Dawson's Creek joke ever. I've never seen the show, but I hate it.
Them: "Hey, how's the creek! Har har!"
Me: "Yeah, real funny, moron."

Anyway . . . ahem. I'm very opinionated. If prodded, I will talk at great length about my opinions, but I'll save that for brave and curious minds.
I live with my girlfriend Lisa (lisa_catfancier), and am happier than I've ever been. We've been together for about three years, and marriage will come when it comes. We have no children, nor do we want any.
I am a singer/songwriter. I record my own CDs in my apartment, and sell them when I play out. I play piano, guitar, and bass, I dabble with drums and harmonica, and I played violin in HS. I've been playing piano for 16 years and guitar for five.
I cannot read music -except for guitar and bass tablature- and I play totally by ear.
My hobbies include reading, playing video games, reading about playing video games, and writing humor essays -or, should I say, diatribes. If you want, you can read some of my essays: but be prepared -the language is quite spicy.

I smoke a pack a week, I curse a whole lot, and I do not drink or do drugs.
My parents are divorced, and I don't speak to my mother. Also, I tend to be quite cynical.
My proudest moment in life was realizing the truth about religion.
I have two cats inside named Roger and Austin; a blind, 13 year-old Shih-Tzu named Fidgett; and four cats who live outside named Hershey, Reese (that's Reese, not Reesie), Leodore, and Belevedere.
Well, that's me in a nutshell!
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Hey, Ryan, my mother's maiden name was Dawson. Do you have any family, from around Waycross, Georgia?
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I don't think so . . .
but maybe.
(real helpful, huh)
What was your mother's name?
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My mother's name is Mary and my grandfather was Thomas David Dawson, better known as Dave. My grandmother was a Barfield.

Some of my grnadfather's family is around Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida, too.
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What video games do you play Ryan? I love games - particularly RPGs - have been playing Wild Arms 3.
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Kat- I don't know much about my relatives. My dad is Zach Dawson, his parents are Ronald and Virginia, and that's about as far back as I go!

I just beat Kingdom Hearts and The Lord of the Rings on PS2. Now, I'm playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
I also like the Legacy of Kain series: Blood Omen, Blood Omen 2, Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2. I've played them all.
Vampires are cool.
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Well, dang...I never did this, either, so I guess I will just follow suit.

I am Carrie, 30 years old, only child, in Lansing, MI. I do on-air radio (yep..I talk on the radio) and my main show is the Saturday Night Retro Show (all retro!).

My fiance' and I bought a home in July and just love it! It is awesome not renting anymore! I can have a yard, paint my walls purple if I want to, etc. We are trying to plan a wedding, but the cost is nearly suffocating so we are considering doing a destination type of thing. I could go for a wedding on the beach in Cancun!!!

We live with Ashley, the spoiled fat cat. Roger worships the ground that cat walks on. She goes to him to play and comes to me for love! And...she INSISTS on sleeping on my pillow so I have a little corner of it all night. Oh..and yes...she also INSISTS on being the only cat. She has already made that clear to everyone.
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I have been lusting after Kingdom Hearts - is it worth the $49.99? I also beat Final Fantasy X and loved it. I really want Suikoden 3 - I have played the first 2.

Hubby wants LOTR on PS2 - is it any good? I have heard bad reviews about the Fellowship of the Ring but good ones about the Two Towers (the games)

I recommend this spooky game -"Fatal Frame" but if you are afraid of spooky things, then dont play it, its VERY spooky! Its a ghost hunting game in which a camera is your only weapon.

I have the Blood Omen series myself, but not the latest one yet.
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Ok..I figure I might as well jump on the bandwagon too! I'm rather boring, so please bare with me!LOL!
My name is Michelle (everyone calls me Shell) and I am 25 years old. I have lived my entire life in a small town (less than 4000) in Nebraska but would love to move to an exotic place someday. I work for our local WalMart in the Pharmacy dept and have worked for them for 9 years. I think I have finally found my career goal in life...to be a Pharmacist (plan on going back to school in the future). I went to college for 2 years, but I got burned out & was with a man who didn't like me going to school. After 5 years of being with him, I finally WOKE up (just 5 months shy of our wedding date) and left him. It was the smartest move I ever made. I had to move back in with my folks, but I don't mind too much since I've always been very close to them. My brother is 17 and he was adopted at birth. It's quite funny when I tell people that he was adopted....everyone swears he looks just like me! He's a good kid and I think he'll go far in life.
As for my personal life, I met my wonderful boyfriend Bill on a internet chat room 3 years ago. He lives in Chicago and I am obviously still here in Nebraska. We manage to see each other every 2 month, but try to talk everyday on the phone. We plan on moving in together (with a possibility for more...) when he finds a job out of Chicago...God only knows when that'll be with this economy the way it is. I have 3 beautiful children (of the 4 legged kind) Echo, Tiki and Bud...but no human children yet. I look forward to the day that I have my own children...I've always wanted to be a Mom. As for my hobbies and etc...I barely have time for them! I enjoy singing (latest crave is Karaoke), surfing the net, spending A LOT of time on here, I love NASCAR(especially Dale Jr and Steve Park!!) and I enjoy just about anything fun. Jeez...I think that's everything. I told ya that I'm boring...
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Nice to meet you Shell!

I, too, met my hubby in an internet chat room - I still get those looks when I tell people how we met. I am from New Zealand and he is from here in North Carolina. I think it is amazing how more people are meeting others from different countries all through a computer. So neat!

All the best to you and Bill!!!
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Thanks Kellye! I know exactly what you mean by how people react to the whole "internet love" thing. People always ask me "How did you know if he was a serial killer or not?". I just knew that I had to be careful about it all and I knew him for a few months before we decided to meet face to face. Some people just don't understand, but I don't care what they think. I met a wonderful man who fell in love with who I am through written words instead for spoken ones and visa versa. I'm not sure I'd do it all over again if I were put in that situation, but I definitely do not regret it one bit. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who has met their BF, S/O, Husbands through the net...it looks like there are a few of us on this site too!
Kellye, it's nice to meet you and same to everyone else on here. I love this place! It's great to come here to just chat with everyone..either about cats, problems or just fun stuff.
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Kiwi -Kingdom Hearts is a good game. It isn't perfect, but it's very addicive and it's definitely worth the money.
It's replay value kind of depnds on your conviction. I went all the way through, got 90% of the secrets, but I only got the regular ending. I could go back and beat it again, -this time getting the extended ending- but I haven't the patience. It is a lot of work.
One word about KH . . . don't fight Sephiroth until you're at least level 100. Otherwise, he will whip you into pudding before you can say, "Ow!"

I have a phobia of ghosts, so no "Fatal Frame"for me though I've heard it's a good play. Also, the Two Towers for PS2 is a great game! It is incediby challenging! However, the Fellowship of the Ring is kind of weak on PS2. The game was really meant for the X-Box, and the X-box version -from what I have seen- is the version to play.
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Shell - it's been a few months, and you're anything but boring!!! NO ONE is boring!

I just thought I'd take a minute to update my bio. Hubby and I have been interviewing to move to a new firm. (We run the Research Department at a mid-sized brokerage firm). We were talking to several firms. (Our current employer knows we're looking). ALL of the places we're talking to, though, would require us to be in an apartment near New York city. Which, of course, means moving out of the RV, and would completely change our lifestyle.

At first we were really excited. We consider ourselves ultimately fortunate, as from an industry that had approx. 310,000 professionals in it two years ago, over 175,000 have been laid off. ...and if anyone keeps track of the stock markets, you can tell there's more coming. But now...we're not so sure. Gary's had on-going problems with his health, and although we're both about 40, moving to a new "high-power" position isn't what we're really interested in doing.

We got into the research business together (1994) by visiting companies around the country, driving in our RV, parking near a city for a while and visiting lots of companies (we tow a car). We're thinking about finding a sponsor, and doing just that again. With the economy in the uncertain kind of mode it's in right now, it would be valuable to our customer base to have us on the road.... and we love it.

My biggest worry with all the decisions was what to do with the ferals we care for. We've gotten most of the kittens in our colony adopted out, and only two "new" cats have turned up recently that haven't been trapped to be spayed or neutered yet. We've talked to the Vets, and one of the women who works there lives very near to where we are, and she would continue taking care of the colony of ferals we would have to leave behind... But we've spoken with the owners of the RV Park, and they would give her access to the property to do this....

...so, hopefully in the not-to-distant future we'll have some kind of announcement to make!

There's lots of new members that haven't posted here - I'm sure I'm not alone in saying, we'd love to hear what you do!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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