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Dee & Louise, I just wanted to tell you (especially in regard to the gasping when Dee was talking about learning more about the Goddess) that this is probably the most accepting place I have ever been at with regard to religion, and especially "alternative" religions. We actually have a few pagans here (myself included), and although many people don't necessarily agree with what we may believe, they still accept us for who we are. That's one of the things I really love about this place.

Dee, there is no set timeframe for grieving such a loss. If anyone tells you there is, they haven't been through it. Like I said before, the first year is the hardest dealing with "the first...(birthday, Christmas, etc.) without Mom." The pain never goes away, but it does get easier to cope with on a day-to-day basis. That hole in your heart will never completely mend, but it can get a bit smaller as time passes.

Jessica! I'm so glad you are back posting with us again! Have you any idea what field interests you? With the wealth of different experience around here, feel free to bounce any ideas you have around here. Don't feel bad about not knowing what you want to do...I'm 30 and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. :tounge2:
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My heart is with all of you who have lost parents. I lost both of mine by the time I was forty. I know how it feels to believe that it just can't happen, and how horrible it feels when you discover that it HAS happened.

Jessica, with your interest in physiology, have you considered studying physical therapy? My daughter had her black belt in karate, and wanted to attend college, but couldn't think of a field that would interest her, except physiology, for which there isn't a big demand. I mentioned studying physical therapy, thinking she would ignore me. I'm a mom, you know! Well, she is now a PTA. She studied for five years while working full time. I'm so proud of her. By the way, you didn't and don't have a permit to abandon us! We really miss your input and your friendship.

As for humankind's affinity to nature, I believe nature to be a cathedral. There is a difference between pantheism, which is a belief that all things are gods, and panentheism, which is a belief that God, or the Creator, is evident in all of creation. I believe that God can be found in all of His creation. I don't consider that to be radical thinking at all. I am grateful that I have eyes to see such a miraculous world! It's magnificent, isn't it?
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Hi my names Janine (but everyone can call me Neeners). I'm 27 going on 28. I live in Columbus Ohio. This is my first time posting in a site like this before so don't kill me for posting 3 threads in the same room instead of adding to the first one! Sorry !!Anyway, I'm not married, but I have a boyfriend of two years that I live with. No human children (don't want any),just my kitty babies. Josephine is my eldest at 8, Auxana is 2 1/2, and Sarah is 1 1/2.I have 2 step kids Patches and Ninners who I baby sit and I raised from birth. My friends would describe me as the crazy lady who calls you up to ask for a favor which you must reply "No I don't want a kitten!" LOL
:flash:I collect antiques. Mostly McCoy pottery. My Dad is an antique dealer so I lucked out on furniture. I'm spoiled. I am definitely a Daddie's girl. My father is 76 years old. He really is my old man! My mother is a spit ball of fire at 60. She is leaving to travel to China this week! My parents celebrate thier 29th wedding anniversary on Oct.25! I graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA in fine arts. I work as an administrative assistant (ie underpaid, underappreciated pseudo wife lol:LOL: ) for a large international wholesale company.I love reading sci-fi!
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Hi Nenners! Don't worry, you will learn the ropes around here soon enough!
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A bit late on this but never mind

My name is Marie, I am 23 years old and I live near Birmingham in the UK, although I was originally from Leicester and I still get very homesick at times.

I am engaged to a fantastic man called Richard, who was actually my ex's friend We got together as I play a game called EQ and he is in the same uk based guild as me. The guild met up for a weekend in Blackpool and we hit it off, I then managed to convince him on having a date by cooking him brownies. We don't think we will have children as the doctors think that I have a condition where I have fairly high chances of having a miscarriage, which has put me of from trying, so I am happy having my cats as my children.

As for the rest of my life, well it's pretty boring. I work as a loss adjuster ( representing councils and the police)from home. I am also a bit of a gym fanatic and go swimming 5 days a week and do yoga once a week.

Most of my time is spent reading, relaxing with a good film and a nice bottle of wine, and the cats on my lap. Most of my adventerous phases took place when I was younger, as am lucky enough to have parents who thought that travel is a great learning experience. I do hope to travel more again but having just brought our own house money is always short, but we are planning to get married in a hotel over looking niagra falls or going for a las vegas style wedding.

Reading about those who have lost parents brought a tear to my eye, and I am so sorry that you have had to go through that. I had a bad time when I lost my older brother this year in a fatal car crash so I can sympathise with you, although I can appreciate losing a parent is different.

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Marie - losing your brother is no less traumatic than losing a parent.

I've lost my dad (Jan '98) and it still hurts - really it never goes away, as we were very close and he was my mentor in terms of developing my interest in art and 'looking at things like an artist'. We were also very much alike, and although I'm close to my Mum, I feel my father is the only person who REALLY understood me (not even my husband fully understands 'where I'm coming from).

But the thought of losing my bother is something else altogether. Although we fight like cat and dog (we're not talking at the moment), I would be devastated if anything happens to him. We're only 4 years apart in age and he's always been there for me.

I guess the one point of contention is his relationship with my father. They just did not get on. During a recent trip I made with my husband and my brother to Dublin, my brother said some very horrible things about my dad. This hurt and shocked me - because, although it can't hurt my dad anymore, I can imagine how awful it would've been for him if he'd heard Chris say the things he did.

I guess it depends on your personal relationship with your parent/sibling. My brother didn't seem too affected by my dad's death. Yet I was. Badly affected. But deep down it doesn't mean I love my brother any less.
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Marie, I am also sorry to hear about your brother. That must have been so hard!!!!!
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Thank you Yola and Debby your kind words mean more than you may realise

I think the hardest thing was that the crash was so unexpected and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye or that I loved him. I hadn't seen Matthew for ages as he put my mum and stepdad (who is as far as I am concerend the only dad I have) through so much, as he used to be in trouble in relationships,to the police and drugs,it also made it hard fo me as all the kids at school knew what he had got up. And part of me was unable to forgive him, although I know that he still knew I loved him.

One of the things I will be able to treasure is that before the crash he had moved away to start afresh, he got a job for the 1st time and was resolving his problems. He had also sent a card to my dad apologising for everything he had done, thanking him for not leaving the family and letting him know that my dad was the best thing to have happened to us all. In some ways it's bad as he was ust starting to have a good life ahead of him, but I am glad that he was able to prove to everyone and himself that he wasn't all bad.

I am sorry if this was really depressing, I normally bottle everything up, but there are occasions when it does come out. It always amazes me that it is sometimes so much easier to share your feelings with online friends then the friends and loved ones you see each day.

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Marie, My sympathy to you. You've lost such an important part of your life. I understand how tragic it is for you to think about his new start and how short it was. But, thank God he made a new start! Some people waste their entire lives drinking and on drugs or breaking the law, embarrassing themselves and their families. Your brother died an upstanding citizen who had found himself. That's something to be proud of and grateful for.
My brother died young of cancer. He was a teenager when I was born, and I idolized him. Although I was happy that he was restored to perfect health in heaven, according to my faith, I miss him desperately. I have lost my parents too. I couldn't say which hurts more. God bless you and comfort you.
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Marie, we are always here anytime you need to talk!!!! Sometimes it gets too much to handle keeping it all bottled up.
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My name is Teresa and I'm 43 years old. I have 6 children, ages 25, 22, 20, 16, 12, 4. All are boys save the 20 year old. I have a granddaughter who will be 1 on Nov 6th and another one due next week! I have 7 cats 6 are persian and one DSH. I am married for the third time. The first one was hit by a car and killed, the second just wanted his parents to support us, The third one, Marcus, is a G*D! He is truely a wonderful person. Of course he had to be trained in child rearing as he had no children when we met I had five so he got a lot of practice.
I've had all kinds of jobs. I've worked retail, photo copy, picked oranges in Fla, Bowling alley once, mostly worked off and on for Target. I've also raised small animals like Rabbits, fancy mice, hampsters, cats and dogs.
My most favorite meal would be BBQ ribs with corn on the cob, a green salad, and flakey bisquets.
I am oldest child of not only my family, but the grandkids as well.. I was pretty spoiled. All of my grandparents have passed and I didn't know them as well as I would have liked. I did just get a family history, written by my great grandfather, that goes back to the early 1600's. He wrote it in a way that told you what historical events were happening along with births, marraiges, and deaths in the family!
I enjoy doing craft type things, but have to be in the mood or they look bad. I have suffered with Depression since puberty, but have only been diagnosed in the last 5 years. I deal with it and try to keep busy.
I live in California in a 4 bedroom house, on half an acre, my husband bought. He commutes to work via train to pay for it. The train is 4 hours one way. I know he really is commited to all of us to make such a sacrafice!
I spend some of our time together reading these postings to him, we both really enjoy meeting everyone here.
My hobbies are reading, mostly fiction like Harry Potter, but, I also enjoy scarey stuff too!
I'm not sure what else to write as I have had kids underfoot for so long, I don't have very good social skills!
Those of you without kids, I am jelous that you can go grocery shopping or on vacation without tag alongs! Don't get me wrong I love all my children, but, sometimes I wonder what if..
I have just recently cut my hair. I donated about 30 inches to "locks of love" an organization that donates human hair wigs to children with cancer. Shortly there after, my husband donated 18 inches if his hair as well. He is my bigest furbaby.
I would love it if we could all get together some where and meet! Even if we just met in small groups all around the workd! I guess the world is a little too dangerous for that these days.
Oh well, we do meet here and that is something in itself!
I guess that's all! take care...
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Teresa, your social skills are just fine! LOL It's very nice to meet you and know more about you. Your husband sounds like quite the catch, and I'm sure I don't have to tell you to hold on to this one!
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Welcome Teresa. So glad you've joined us. Like you it took me 3 trys to get it right. But when its right, its right. What are your furkids names. Tell us about them and maybe some pictures?? Blessed Be.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy Bear
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Teresa, I enjoyed reading your bio! A woman I work with donated a bunch of her hair (she hadn't cut it for years and years) to Locks of Love as well. I think that is very commendable! Having one child (a baby) keeps me busy so I can't imagine having 6!!! WOW!!!
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I was just catching up on all the bios posts I'd missed. Nice to find out a bit more about everyone! Hi all!!!!!

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Well, I enjoyed reading everyone's bios so much, I decided to share a few bits of my own...

My name is Jan and I am 30 years old. I live in Moline, IL (right on the Mississippi River) and grew up on a farm about a 25 miles from here. I studied art for a year in college then changed my major to Agriculture. I have a B.S. and have done some graduate work in Crop Sciences.

I worked for a couple of ag companies for about 5 years specialzing in GPS/GIS applications. For the last two years I have worked at a church in the communcations/media department. I love doing graphics and video editing. I miss working with farmers and the different "seasons" sometimes. Maybe someday I'll figure out what I want to do with my life .

I am married (a little over 6 months now). He has two sons from a previous marriage that live with us on weekends. I'm still adjusting to being an instant mom. Most likely we will not have any kids together other than the four legged ones.

So my kids are Eddie (one year old orange and white shorthair -- adopted in Feb ) and a new kid this week, Coco (3 year old Siamese). Ed is my "baby cat" and we got Coco as a buddy for him.

I just started hanging out on message boards about a month ago (I love the show Alias and they have this great online game with a message board for "agents" -- that's how I got started.) This one caught my eye when I was looking for advice from experienced cat people and I love it. Other hobbies are sketching and baking.
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Welcome aboard Jan!

We have something in common. One of my relatives also lives in Moline. I have only been there once at the age of 12 and all I remember was that you were having a severe heat wave at the time. Actually, let me clarify that Moline was having the heat wave, not you!

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LOL -- no, I haven't personally had any heat waves lately (although I am a stereotypical red-head and have to watch my temper). Midwest is pretty good for having a mishmash of weather.

What part of Ontario are you from? (I read so many bios today it's all a jumble.) I visited Toronto last spring (went to the Falls for our honeymoon.)
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Hello, this is a great site, my name is Kellye, I am from Christchurch, New Zealand but right now I am in the mountains of western North Carolina.
I am 26 years old, married with a 2 year old boy, I met hubby on the internet. Came here to the US in October of 1999, and have been here ever since. I do plan to go back home soon.
About me, I was an anthropology major back home in NZ and when I go back, I plan to finish my degree but would like to study law. I have a gorgeous cat named Peedoodle who is a little rascal as well. He isnt that little, hes actually quite big and rough. When he is in his affectionate mood, hes very sweet, but when he is playful, he gets overexcited and it takes him a while to calm down. Peedoodle is a longhaired Russian blue coloured cat, Im not sure if he is russian blue or something else, thats what I am trying to figure out, but if anyone can help me to identify him then it would be sooo much appreciated.
I love to read, all the time, I read mysteries (even though I solve them before I finish them), Im a big crime buff, and like some people here, I like John Douglas, I criticise CSI and tell hubby what they do wrong - its funny.
I would love to see fellow kiwis on this site, so I hope one finds this and then I can say KIA ORA!!!!!
By the way, LOTR fans, the movie is filmed in NZ and its just as beautiful as it looks and if you havent been there, GO!!!!!
Its really great to be here! Thanks!

Kellye (c:
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I guess since everyone else had posted a little piece of themselves, I will too. Even if there are a bunch of Jeff Gordon fans. Just kidding. My name is Rebecca, and I will soon be 44. When I was younger, I was an EMT, working on an ambulance, and in emergency room. I got married the first time and quit that. I was widowed after 3 weeks that time. I got my first Harley and took off for parts unknown, landing in Jacksonville, FL, the on to New Orleans for awhile. I worked in a private club that was a costume ballroom. We had theme nights, and dressed authenticallly. Wild West, Old South, and Prohibition Nights were the favorites. After 2 years I went back home, and met and married my idiot second husband. He gave me a beautiful daughter and a lot of heartache. I finally came to my senses and got together with my current significant other. He had been my best friend for years, through both marriages. He told me the day we met there would never be another woman for him, and there never was. We have been happily unmarried for almost 18 years. I was a private caregiver for terminal cancer patients for awhile, but it took a real toll on my mental health. I am currently a professional body piercer, and tattoo shop receptionist. It's not paying much now, so I am going to be looking for something else, probably driving a cab. I have 3 furbabies, Fred, Pearl, and Georgia. Both of my parents are gone, and I have only my daughter and my s/o, and that suits me. I have a sister, but she is the most horrible human being that ever lived, so I keep at least a state between us at all times. At some point I want to go back to Kansas City. I love it there, it became home, even thought I am originally from Georgia. That's about it!
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Kellye, I called my Sam a long haired Russian Blue, even though I knew that wasn't a "real" breed. It sounded more impressive than "big grey cat". Then I found this site and now I tell people he's a Nebelung cat. He acts a lot more distinguished now that he is no longer an anonymous cross breed.

Janet (Sam's mom)
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Kellye, I always knew that New Zealand was beautiful but I never knew just how beautiful until LOTR. It's really become one of the tops on my list of places I want to visit before I die. I love your kitty's name, too. Peedoodle is purrfect for a kitty!

Rebecca - wow you have had quite a life up to this point! Generally, I agree with you about the Jeff Gordon fans, but only those who can only see the world through rainbow colored glasses. Jin and Carla aren't bad, though. As for myself, I'm a Tony Stewart fan which may be just as bad in some circles.
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I am in North Carolina. We're still in mourning for Dale Earnhardt. I still haven't picked a new driver.
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I really enjoy reading everyones bios, it is so nice to know more about the friends I have here, and to also learn more about the new members!!!
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I am Naomi, I am 26. I am married to my best friend (for 3.5yrs) and I love him to bits.

We are both staffers in political offices, so you can imagine what our table conversation is like . I really enjoy my job (mostly).

We have no children yet, but will someday. I come from a very large family so only want 1 or 2 myself.

We have a nearly five month old russian blue (24 July) Nik who has been with us for 8 weeks, and a black Audi A4 which has been with us for 9 weeks. (The deal was, I got a cat, he got a car. The car cost heaps more than the cat and he likes the cat more than I like the car).

Between work and other commitments I don't have huge amounts of free time - I am addicted to internet surfing, and a devoted news junkie - most of my Favourites list consists of news sites. I like to read and travel among other things.

I have a degree in Applied Science (speech and language pathology), but would like to do more tertiary study.

I love Christmas, it's my favourite holiday.

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You lot know to much already, I refuse to tell you more.
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BuNN, Relax and look into my eyes. You are getting ve-rrry sleeeeepy. You want to tell the truth. You will tell the truth. What planet is home to you? Where is the kitty army? Ve haf vays to make you talk------You haf relatifs in the US??
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lalalala - not listening - lalalala

My mommy and daddy waddy live in Hawaii, they may be going back to Canada soon, and I may be being paying a visit. MWahahaha!
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Bunn - you are coming to Canada! When? Where in Canada? Let me know if it is near me I need time to escape (j/k). If you will be near Toronto I want to meet the kitty army commander!
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Hi, My name is Valerie but everyone calls me Kyttin. I'm 27 years old. I've been married for 2 years now to a wonderful man. We live in Three Rivers Michigan. I met him while he was in college in Ohio, where I am origionaly from. He finished school and we moved up here and got married. We don't have any kids yet but soon we hope. Have been trying for 2 years now without much success.

My hobbies are going mud bogging with my hubby in his lifted 4x4 truck. Yeah we get real dirty but that's the beauty of it We go drag racing too. I come from a drag racing family. My parents had a corvette that my mother raced. I will follow in her foot steps just as soon as my camaro is ready to race which will be next year. I also like to go horseback riding and hope to someday own a horse of my own. Considering that I am 6 ft tall this suits me well.

I have 5 cats, Ninja Su, Scooter, Pokemon, Tomas, and Belle. I love them dearly and would be lost without them.

I loved getting to know everyone a little bit.

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