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Diet and brands

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I have been reading about wet vs dry foods and never realized so much info. on it. You think I would have gotting a clue earlier since I am reading people food lables. So here is my info and questions.

We have 2 cats, well one is suppose to be my daughters but she moved out and was not able to take it with here so now we have 2.
Both are about 1 1/2 years old, indoor only and spoiled of course.
Mine Roxer, was supposed to be Roxie but found out was a Male not Female, is a Male sweet big lazy orange tabby who is on the verge of being overweight. The vet reccommened dry and wet Purina OM for him. I just have been buying the dry tho

Ok the second cat Onyx is a small, petite powerhouse black female. She does not need any diet food at all and is a picky eater.

The vet also reccommended for both of them Royal Canine Dental for Felines
because he said they were just beginning to develop tater etc. on their teeth and they benefit from using this. Is this a good suggestion and food or just a pricey one??
They both really like this food and don't like any of the other dental treats ie Pounces etc.

I do have a problem that Onyx likes to eat OM food and she tends to have dandruff, dry skin. As I have been reading more I am not satisfied with what I am giving them now and would like suggestions. I know increasing canned food is a start.

Currently here is what I have been giving them

I mix these three dry foods together, the Purina OM, Iams Hairball (orig. flav) and the Royal Canine Dental.

At nite I give them wet food. I was using Science Diet but now have been giving Natural Balance and Natural Choice. I have noticed a big difference in their coats since giving them the NB and NC and less dandruff with Onyx.
They both are picky and will eat only some of the fish flavors, not chicken, beef, turkey, in any brand of food, but they do love their canned food.

Is the Purina OM a good low carb dry food? Any other suggestions on how to balance the differences in the weight problems out. No way am I going to stop either of them eating from each others bowls so ????
I am also thinking about starting to mix dry with wet more often???

Well I think this is long enough but thought I would ask since some of you are very knowledgeable cat lovers. Believe me if I could have more cats I would but, gotta let hubby have a dog first, and not sure when that will happen.
Thanks cat lovers,
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OM is a RX food.... I would either go back to your vet or get a second vets opinion as to if it is truely needed.... DONT switch to OTC foods without consulting your vet...

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