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Excessive grooming

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Well, I have a neutered, six year old male who has anxiety. He pulls out clumps of fur constantly when agitated and thrashes his tail VIOLENTLY when angry. I've had cats my whole life and have never had a cat like this. No medical issues, he is healthy. The vet told me to try a Rx for anxiety, amitryptline (sp?) 10 mg, twice a day. I read about this drug and decided to give him half a pill twice a day at first. This made him just eat and sleep and he lost all personality, but didn't pull out a single piece of fur or fight w/ his "sister". So I reduced it to half a pill once a day. This helped a lot. No hair pulling, no fighting and not as sleepy. So... I decided to try half a pill, every other day and this seems perfect! Now....the only problem is it is getting harder and harder to give him this little piece of pill! He acts like it tastes awful, gags etc... and hates me for two hours. This AM he wouldn't let me get it down at all!
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Have you tried pill pockets?


I personally haven't used them, but I know others have had luck with them. I have seen them for sale at my local pet store.
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Try Vit. B complex, it does calm cats down without making them into Zombies - something like Brewer's yeast which is great for the coat too!
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