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I'm going to be a foster mama!

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Hi folks~

I have found this great place who I will be fostering for and I can not possibly be MORE excited! She has mentioned a under nourished mama and 3 kittens and I think I'll be getting them. Wow--I am so excited. We've moved into our new home and it's perfect!

I hope I can help out as best as possible!
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This sounds so exciting! I'm all caught up in your enthusiasm, but I'm not sure what being a foster mama means. Do you work with a rescue organization and they bring the animals that need love and attention to your home & then you take care of them? Before guessing further, guess I'll wait to find out. One thing it means for sure: you're somebody's angel!
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The kitties will be coming here to live I guess temporarily. Once they're old enough I think they'll be adopted out to new homes. I'm really excited about this prospect. I think it'll work out pretty good since I'm of the mindset that they're only here for a time. I'm new to the "official" role of foster parent so we'll see what all it entails.
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What a good thing you are doing. But, watch out...I guarantee you'll get attached to these kitties and it will be hard to give them up when its time.

I tip my hat to you for doing such a good thing for unloved kitties.
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But I'm of the mindset that they are just visiting and even though in my heart they'll be members of our family I view their "real" family as extended family and it's not like saying goodbye, especially when they're getting homes. It's mama kitty I'm concerned about but she can stay as long as she needs to. Thanks for your warning, I've put a lot of thought into that myself. It hasn't been an issue in the past and thank goodness. I just have to ready the children for this. They understand that we'll be a "foster" family and that the kitties will only be here temporarily. I think it'll be hardest on my older daughter whose wanted her own pet for a long while. I haven't agreed to it because she just isn't responsible enough--I've tried letting her keep an eye on her little brother (while I'm in the bathroom just feet away) and she has the roving eye too much---but with time we'll see, she's only 8 yrs old. I wasn't allowed my own dog or cat at that age (I think I had a hamster though, lol).
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You will get a lot of joy and happiness of being a foster mom!! It is so rewarding to know that those babies and mom will have a second chance of finding a loving home. Bless your heart!
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Wow! That really takes some kind of power that I sure don't have - to love and not be possessive! What a big heart you must have. And how wonderful for the kitties!
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Tomorrow I pick up or at least MEET mama and her three itty bitties. I hear she's a "rag doll" type cat to! I am so excited to see them. I've viewed pic's of the shelter to and it looks great. I hope to be a strong, positive attribute to the world of homeless and feral cats. I love all you great people so darn much!!


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Well - it's "tomorrow!" I was just checking in... but I guess it's three hours earlier in WA, and I guess today might be a busy day, right? Sending some loving scritches to hopefully not too scared babies.... :tounge2:
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We have a beautiful Mama kitty named "Stormy" and she's a ragdoll mix with lovely blue eyes. She's a seal point-she has creme colored fur with smokey colors around the paws, face, tail. Her three cutie babies are black/white and two twin looking smokeys. My mom came by and already has her eye on mama! lol--happy day indeed. I just hope all goes well. I'm told Stormy already had lost two from her litter but we have three gorgeous kids. Two females and a male I believe.

dSadly enough on the way home what did I see along the street? A dead kitten...not much older than the ones riding in my back seat. Broke my heart. Hope it's not a bad omen.

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