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RIP sweet tortie kitty

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This morning on my way to work I saw a little tortie kitty laying in the road. I assume he/she was hit by a car I turned around after I passed and stopped to check and see if the poor baby was still alive by some miracle, and it breaks my heart to say that wasn't the case

I realize this means there will be someone in pain, but I hope this sweet little kitty had a family and someone to love them during their time here. It makes me so sad to think of him/her passing alone, but if they had someone to love them... well it just makes me feel better

If you can spare a few seconds, please send good thoughts this little tortie's way that he/she has made their way over the bridge and is surrounded by love and happiness as I type this.

RIP sweet tortie kitty
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RIP little sweetie
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Lets light a candle to help the poor baby safely across the bridge Tanya


Play happily at Rainbow Bridge little one. Your suffering is over now and your with friends
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That's always so sad to see. RIP Sweet Kitty
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Rest in Peace sweet baby ....
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RIP sweet angel..
God bless you to your soul!
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A hug and a moment out of my day to read this and think of her. I, too, Lost my beloved Tortie SiSi (Sasha's mama) of 11 years so I just had to stop and add a note. Bless you, Tanya, for finding her and giving her our send-off to the RB.
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RIP little tortie. You were loved.
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Precious baby....
RIP little darling.
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RIP Tortie
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Oh little Torti, you go find Diddo Kahli. She will show you a GOOD time. Hugs and rest in peace headbuts and sorry, you are missed licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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RIP, little Tortie. Your passing has not gone unremarked, or unmourned.
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RIP little Tortie
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Rest in peace little life. Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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